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178 Emily Drive

Salisbury, Maryland 21804

(410) 543-8042


1991 Ph.D. History of American Civilization

University of Delaware
1983 Master of Arts in History

College of William and Mary

1980 Bachelor of Arts

Simmons College

Fields of Research and Teaching Interest

American Social and Cultural History

Vernacular Architecture and Material Culture

Experience Summary

1992 to present Salisbury State University

1987-1990 University of Delaware

1984-1989 Old Sturbridge Village

1980-1983 Colonial Williamsburg

1982 Evanston Environmental Association

1979-1980 Old Sturbridge Village

Awards, Grants and Fellowships

1997 Outstanding Academic Advisor at Salisbury State University

1996 Grant from the Office of Grants and Sponsored Research, Salisbury State University supported architectural fieldwork on Methodist chapels.
1989 First recipient of the Old Sturbridge Village Fellowship in Architectural History.
1989 Abbott Lowell Cummings Award presented to Old Sturbridge Village for the Bixby House Exhibit. I belonged to the research team responsible for the exhibit.

University Teaching and Advising

Currently tenure-track, associate professor of history at Salisbury State University. Teaching duties include History of World Civilization (required for all students), American surveys, vernacular architecture, material culture studies, research methodology, and internship supervision.

Directed STARS-Habitat new student program, 1997 and 1998. Directing the STARS Habitat option involves more than being with the students one week in August. I had to schedule all events, write all work orders, and handle problems that arose.

Faculty advisor for Salisbury State University chapter of Habitat for Humanity since 1994. The campus chapter won the Student Government Association award for community service spring 1997.

Mentor for an honors thesis, reader for one honors thesis and one Master's thesis.

Worked as a teaching assistant at the University of Delaware in post-Civil War survey courses for three professors from 1987-1990. Planned and conducted lessons, graded exams and assignments, and met with 70-100 students in weekly section meetings. The courses approached the subject from different perspectives, but spent the most semesters in the course using novels, films and photographs as primary evidence.

Papers, Presentations and Publications

Editor, Test Bank to accompany Nash, et al, American People, 6th ed. (NY: Addison Wesley Longman, 2002).
“Using History to Explore Different Perspectives” presented at Teaching Diversity/Thinking Diversity UMS Faculty Conference, October 12, at Towson University.
”A Look at the Past”, a material culture feature for Robert Divine, et al, America Past and Present, sixth edition, (New York: Addison-Wesley, Longman, Inc., 2001).
Editor, Test Bank to accompany Nash, et al, American People, 5th ed. (NY: Addison Wesley Longman, 2001).
“Church Architecture as an Expression of Faith and Worship: Nineteenth-century African-American Methodist Chapels On Maryland's Lower Eastern Shore,” under review for journal Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion.

“Building Their Own Church: Black Methodist Chapels on Maryland's Lower Eastern Shore,” presented at the May 1998 annual meeting of the Vernacular Architecture Forum in Annapolis, Maryland.

Wrote captions for a new material culture feature in Robert Divine, et al, America Past and Present, fifth edition, (New York: Addison-Wesley, Longman, Inc., 1998).

"Faithful Expressions: Nineteenth-Century African-American Chapels on Maryland's Eastern Shore," presented in November 1997 at the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion and Religious Research Association conference in San Diego, California.

"Science vs. History: Reflecting on Research Writing and the Assignments that Require It," co-presented with John Tyvol at the National Council of Teachers of English meeting in Montreal, Canada, June 1996. Presented the paper with Tyvoll again at the Writing Across the Curriculum Mini-Conference, September 1997.

"Patriotic Pilgrims: Tourism as National Duty," in Tourism and Culture: Image, Identity and Marketing, Nigel Evans and Paul Callaghan, ed., (Newcastle, Great Britain: Centre for Travel and Tourism in association with Business Education Publishers Ltd., 1996).

"Patriotic Pilgrims: Tourism as National Duty" delivered September 1996 at Tourism and Culture: Towards the 21st Century in Newcastle, United Kingdom.

"Women's Stories and Quilts," presented at Quilt Frolics, a program at the Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village, June 1996.

"The Barn that Watts Built: A Case Study of Agricultural Reform Design," delivered at the Annual Meeting of the Pennsylvania Historical Association in October, 1995.

"Writing to Think: A Case Study in American Social and Economic History," presented at the Salisbury State University Writing Across the Curriculum Mini-Conference: Writing, Critical Thinking and Active Learning, October 1995.

Women's Quilts, Women’s Voices, exhibit catalog coauthored with Laura Tuennerman-Kaplan in conjunction with the exhibit at the University Gallery at Fulton Hall, 7 April -21 April 1995.

"Reform, Nature and Art: Agricultural Reform and Frederick Law Olmsted," delivered at 1995 Art Culture Nature Conference, Salisbury State University.

"Reform and Reality: Advice about Animal Husbandry and the Situation on Farms in Western Worcester County, Massachusetts, 1800-1850," delivered at the 1993 Dublin Seminar for New England Folklife Conference, New England Creatures: 1400-1900.

"A Glimpse of Southern Delaware: Sussex County Architecture and Society in the late Eighteenth Century and Early Nineteenth Century," presented to the Rehoboth Art League in May 1993.

"Agricultural change and Cultural Adaptations in Antebellum Massachusetts," delivered at the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of American History Colloquium April 1993.

"Securing a Future: Lenders and Borrowers in Early Nineteenth-Century Central Massachusetts," presented to the 1993 Old Sturbridge Village Colloquium on Early New England Society and Culture.

"Creating a New Economic World: Mortgage Lending in Central Massachusetts, 1790-1850," delivered at the History of Technology Colloquium, University of Delaware in March 1993.

Reviewed manuscript for Bedford Books, a division of St. Martin's Press, January 1993.

"Jason Mixter, Mortgage Lender," delivered at the Hardwick Historical Society, June 1988.

"Improvement: the Mortgage Lending of Jason Mixter, 1798-1850," presented at the Old Sturbridge Village Research Symposium, 1988.

Editor, the Interpreter Handbook, a training manual for Colonial Williamsburg interpreters that included information about interpretation, material culture, and eighteenth-century Virginia.

Other Scholarly and Professional Activities

Secretary-Treasurer, Art Culture Nature, a new professional organization founded at Salisbury State University 1997.

Consultant, Delaware Agricultural Museum, 1995-1996. Member of a self-study panel funded by National Endowment for the Humanities. The museum seeks to upgrade the interpretation of its collections.

Co-Curator, "Women's Quilts, Women's Voices," an exhibit combining material culture--quilts--with oral history and historical research in order to piece together the lives of lower Eastern Shore Women. Exhibit on display at University Gallery at Fulton Hall, 7 April - 21 April 1995.

Art Culture Nature conference committee member and registrar. The conference, held at Salisbury State University 26-29 April 1995, included presentations by more than fifty scholars from around the world.

Reviewer, Delaware Humanities Forum. I have reviewed library programs and a museum exhibit.

Professional Enhancement

Participant, Teaching All Teachers grant, 2001- present. Teaching All Teachers aims to improve the educational experience of Limited English Proficiency (LEP) students.
Participant, PT3 grant, 2002 and 2001. (Teaching with Technology, Seidel School grant).
Attendee, Assessment Workshop, National Center for Teaching and Assessment, 2001.
Participant, “Addressing Critical Teacher Shortages Through Arts and Science Faculty Involvement,” 2000 (Seidel School grant).
Participant, 1996-97 Writing Across the Curriculum workshop series: "What Do We Know and How Did We Learn It?"

Participant, 1995 Writing Across the Curriculum Seminar II.

Participant, 1993 Writing Across the Curriculum Seminar I.

Participant, 1993 Global Seminar, "Gender and Culture."

Participant, 1993 National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute, "Beyond Texts: Teaching Religion and Material Culture."

Departmental and University Service

Secondary Education Curriculum Committee. Member since 1992.

STEP Grant Task Force. Member of the Standards-Based Teacher Education Project task force that seeks to align teacher education at Salisbury State University with K-12 content and performance standards.

Teacher Education Council. The council reviews all policies that impact teacher education at Salisbury State University.

Steering Committee, National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education certification for the Department of Education

Cultural Events Committees Mythology (1996) and Creating the Past (1997). In fact I was one of the individuals responsible for suggesting the Creating the Past series to Dave Ganoe. As well, I secured two speakers for the Creating the Past series, and hosted speakers for both series. Although I did not serve on the planning committee for the spring 1996 series, The West, I helped the series succeed. One of my services was hosting a speaker.
Graduate Program Committee. With Maarten Pereboom, wrote intention to seek a new program, prospectus for a graduate program in history and the program proposal. As part of the process I prepared a presentation to the department, Florence Pritchard and regional social studies supervisors. The graduate program was established in 1998.

Wrote departmental report to the president, autumn 1996.

Assisted G. Ray Thompson in fall 1996 with Sporadic Clio, a periodic departmental newsletter.

Committees: Gallery (1992-1993), Ad Hoc Committee for Teaching (1994), Secondary Education, Honors Program (Chair, 1995-1997), Faculty Development (Travel Budget Administrator, 1994-1997, Chair, 1995-October 1998). I managed and distributed faculty travel funds as part of my duties for the Faculty Development Committee. The committee sponsors a program every year that targets a current issue of concern; as chair I play a key role in planning and organizing the event.

Programs: co-organizer, 1993, 1994 and 1995 History Student Symposium and organizer of a departmental computer workshop in 1996.

Community Service

Scholar, Salisbury-Wicomico County Arts Council. I was the scholar of record for "Building Memories," an inter-active exhibit for New Year Eastern Shore 1997, funded by the Maryland Humanities Council, featuring photographs and memories of downtown Salisbury. My responsibilities included finding and selecting historic photographs, outlining the history of downtown structures, writing story boards, and designing the exhibits.

Conducted gallery programs for children between the ages of 6 and 14 on wood carving from Oaxacan, Mexico, at the Atrium Gallery, SSU, September 1995, and on quilts at the University Gallery at Fulton Hall, SSU, April 1995.

Board of Directors: Pemberton Hall (1992-1994), and Preservation Trust of Wicomico County.

Chair, 1994 Essay Contest for Grade School Students sponsored by the Preservation Trust of Wicomico County.

Museum Teaching

Instructed students in documentary research and supervised field measuring while a staff member of the 1989 Old Sturbridge Village Field School in Architectural History.

Supervised field work and instructed students while a field assistant for the 1979 and 1984-1986 Old Sturbridge Village Field Schools in Historical Archaeology.

Presented information detailing the methods and preliminary results of the Bixby Research Project for the 1986 Lecture Series at Old Sturbridge Village.

Designed lesson plans for school groups visiting the Grosse Point Lighthouse in Evanston, Illinois for the Evanston Environmental Association in 1982 while an intern in the Environmental Intern Program.

Museum Research

Investigated mortgage lending practices of storekeeper Jason Mixter for the Mixter Project, part of an Old Sturbridge Village effort exploring economic behavior in rural nineteenth-century New England.

Examined the trading network and community of blacksmith Emerson Bixby by developing and implementing a computer-aided analysis of data contained in his account book, Barre tax, school and church records and genealogies. This was part of a multi-disciplinary Old Sturbridge Village team research project, funded by NEH, that culminated in the opening of a new exhibit, the Bixby House.

Analyzed manuscript accounts from a general store and examined consumer behavior in eighteenth-century Williamsburg, Virginia for the Research Department at Colonial Williamsburg. The research culminated in my master's thesis, "Clues to a Community: Transactions at the Anderson-Low Store, 1784-1785."

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