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Renaissance / Japan / AZTECS
The Deadliest Warrior Assignment

Deadliest Warrior
is a television program on Spike in which historical warriors are pit against each other in simulated battles. Each episode displays two warriors in a hypothetical battle to the death.

Your job:
You are going to pit a Templar Knight (Renaissance Unit), a Samurai (Japan Unit), and an Aztec warrior (Aztec Unit) against each other. Profile the weapons, skills, aptitudes of each of the three listed “warriors”. You are going to have your warriors “fight” against each other, with one final winner announced by you. You have to defend WHY your winner is justified. Be sure to be ACCURATE when you are describing weapons, armour, resources and their skills. You must have one winner. One of these three must be victorious over the other two. You must have logical and accurate supports for your winner.

How you are going to present this:
You have a choice… isn’t that nice. You can use any of the following:
poster board
your choice (run it by me first, please)

The Prize:
Because “life” sometimes isn’t enough of a motivator, the student who presents their challenges in the most creative and accurate way gets a treat of their choosing (ex. My Favourite Ice Cream, free period, etc.).
Due Date:
Mark your agendas NOW… Due Thursday, June 11th in class.

Download 394.5 Kb.

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