January 4, 2016 Dear Parents and Guardians

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January 4, 2016
Dear Parents and Guardians,
Welcome back to school!

I hope you had a relaxing Christmas vacation with your families. I wanted to welcome you back and inform you on the upcoming learning your child will adventure in these next few months. In addition, I am starting a reading and comprehension program during the months of January and February. Believe it or not, report cards are slowly approaching. Thus, my goal with this reading program is to help struggling students and moderate readers reach the goals we set during our last parent teacher interviews. This program will run through the months of January to February, beginning next week, every DAY 2 in the morning at 8:00am - 8:40am and DAY 6 at 3:30pm-4:20pm. The meeting place will be my classroom. This program is a great opportunity for a one on one time with me; thus, the lessons will be specific to your child’s needs. The dates above are based on my availabilities and therefore cannot be changed. If you are interested please register and write down the session time your child will be attending, as preparations will be made. If you have selected to enrol your child but your child cannot attend one of those session times, please advise in advance in the agenda. Also, please select only one session time, either the AM or PM session. (Can’t attend both)

On another note, for the next few months much of our focus will be on writing, research and opinionated texts on diverse topics in both French and English. In French we will begin a Pirate themed unit, mainly focusing on writing and imagination, which we all know our kids have! As for math, we are still continuing with addition and subtraction, problem solving and moving towards money and measurement.

In English we will begin several group novel studies and a poetry unit, which will develop into a classroom book. This book will be a hardcover and you will be able to purchase it as a memory of our grade 2 class! Lastly, our Entrepreneurial Adventure will commence this month; more information will be sent home shortly.

As you can see there are many things to look forward to! Once again thank you for your continuous dedication to your child’s academics; together everything and anything is possible!

Mme Antonia

____________________________________ is interested in the reading program

(Student name) and will be attending the _____________________________________________.

(DAY 2 sessions from 8-8:40 or DAY 6 sessions from 3:30-4:20 )

* I consent that my child is allowed to attend Mme Antonia’s reading program


(Parent signature)

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