Jane Eyre and Antigone: the cost of a moral decision


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  1. Use one sheet of paper.

  2. Carefully place the following on one side of the paper:

    1. name of the setting

    2. at least 2 significant (and complete) quotations from the novel with chapter and page #’s in parentheses following them

    3. the prominent season associated with the setting

    4. the prominent color(s) associated with the setting

    5. a list of the major characters Jane meets at this place

    6. an illustration/picture/symbol that reflects something significant about the setting.

    7. a statement of the setting’s influence upon Jane Eyre


Major Grade Assignment

Settings in Jane Eyre

“The novel has a structure that allows us to explore the inner landscape in terms of five places of the heart....Each of the houses is a metaphor...of a condition of the private heart.”--Mark Kinkead, “The Place of Love in Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights,” 1970

Product: 5 dialectic journal entries on SETTINGS in the novel

Due Date: TBA

FORMAT: Divide the page into two columns. On the left side include 3 quotes from the novel; on the right side write your response of 100 words minimum. You will have a total of 15 quotes and 5 responses.


1. You should create a SEPARATE entry for each of the 5 chief settings of the novel: Gateshead, Lowood, Thornfield Hall, Moor House/Marsh End, and Ferndean. At the top of each entry, write the name of the setting in the center.

2. For each entry on the left side copy 3 (THREE) passages specifically about the physical setting (outer and/or inner appearance), documented with Ch. and p. #.

3. Then on the right side explain in one response HOW these settings reflect that stage in Jane’s life. Consider: season(s) associated with the setting, colors, atmosphere, images/symbols, lessons learned, etc.


90 - 100 = These dialectics will exhibit apt and precise selections of passages and will provide convincing explanations of Bronte’s settings reflecting Jane’s life stages. The writing will demonstrate consistent control over the elements of effective composition.

80 - 89 = These dialectics will reflect less certain, less incisive, less apt selections of

passages, and the explanations will provide less certain, less convincing

explanations of Bronte’s settings reflecting Jane’s life stages.

70 - 79 = These dialectics will not be as clear, convincing, or accurate in selection of

passages as the A and B responses, and the explanations may not convey significant understanding of the purposes behind the settings in Bronte’s novels.

60 - 69= These dialectics reflect no effort and/or lack seriousness of purpose.

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