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8. 21 summarize the major events of the Watauga Settlement including (E, P, TN)

This is a photo of the northwest corner cabin in Watauga Fort.

After the French and Indian War and the series of tax issues, most settlers remained in the colonies and protested against the British.  Some colonists chose to move west into the frontier.  Many settlers moved west to get away from the land tax.  In the colony of North Carolina, land was taxed at the same rate - whether it was fertile lowland or rocky land in the backcountry.  Those who owned land in the backcountry did not make as much money as farmers did who had better land.  Therefore, they often chose to escape the tax by moving to the frontier.

The Regulators

The Regulators were a group of Scotch Irish settlers who lived in the backcountry of North Carolina.  They believed that they should make their own laws, or regulations.  They were known to have participated in violent protests.  Some believed that these Regulators were a lawless mob.  One incident brought soldiers to break up what they believed was their right to protest.  Governor Tryon, of North Carolina, sent soldiers into the backcountry to stop the protests.  

During the Battle of Alamance, the Regulators were forced to surrender.  Even though the Regulators outnumbered the troops, they were not trained soldiers and did not have enough weapons or supplies.  Tryon’s army captured some of the Regulators and tried them for treason.  Six of the Regulators were put to death, others went to prison, and still others escaped and crossed the Line of Proclamation into East Tennessee.


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