James Madison University Campus Fire Safety and Evacuation Plan

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James Madison University


Fire Safety and Evacuation Plan

This Fire Safety and Evacuation Plan is designed to meet requirements in the Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code(SFVC) Section 404 and U.S. Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Section 29, part 1910.39 to implement a Fire Prevention Plan.

Office of Risk Management

James Madison University Office of Risk Management

131 West Grace Street, MSC 6703, Harrisonburg, VA 22807


James Madison University is required by the Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code (SFPC) Section F-404 to create and maintain a Fire Safety Plan. In addition, James Madison University is required under the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Section 29, part 1910.39 to implement a Fire Prevention Plan. This Fire Safety Plan is designed to satisfy the requirements of the aforementioned federal and state regulations. This plan describes roles and responsibilities, policies, and procedures designed to mitigate the causes of fire, prevent loss of life and property by fire, and outline the procedures used to maintain fire protection and life safety systems. This Fire Safety Plan is reviewed annually and amended as necessary and whenever:

  • Applicable state, federal, or local codes or regulations are revised and/or adopted;

  • A student, employee, contractor, or visitor is injured during a fire emergency; or

  • University property or the environment is damaged during a fire emergency.

All revisions to this Fire Safety Plan shall be shared with the parties’ identified in this document.

Table of Contents

JMU Risk Management 6

Risk Management - Office of Fire Safety 7

JMU Risk Management - Environmental Health 7

JMU Public Safety 8

Facilities Management 8

Facilities Management - Life Safety Shop 8

Virginia State Fire Marshal’s Office 9

Building Occupants 9

Supervisors 9

Facilities Management Engineering and Facilities Planning and Construction- Project Managers and Project Inspectors 10

Student Residents 10

Administrative Controls 10

Building Inspections 10

Fire Drills 11

Unit Fire Safety Plan 11

Evacuation Plans 12

Sprinkler Database 12

Pre-planning with Fire Departments 12

Notification of Obstructed Egress and Roadways 12

Fire Watch 12

Fire Investigations 13

Engineering Controls 13

Fire Extinguishers 14

Replacement 15

Annual Certification 15

Monthly Inspection 15

Commercial Cooking Hood Systems 15

Inspections 15

Cleaning 15

Fire Protection System and Equipment Repairs 16

System Impairments 16

Fire Alarm Systems 16

Fire Suppression Systems 16

Acceptance Testing 16

Fire Prevention 16

Common Fire Hazards 17

Smoking 17

Indoor Decor 17

Open Flames 17

Appliances 17

Cooking 18

Laundry Facilities 18

Space Heaters 18

Electrical 18

Approved Electrical Testing Facility 19

Outdoor Grills 19

Deep Fryers 20

Hazardous Materials 20

Accumulation and Storage of Combustible Materials 20

Building Egress and Access Requirements 20

Minimum Egress Requirements 21

Occupancy 21

Crowd Manager 21

Fire Lanes 21

Emergency Access 21


Systems Key Boxes 22

Permits 22

Hot Work 22

Temporary Structures 22

Pyrotechnics 23

Work Notification 23

Electrical Safety 23

Electrical Work 24

Training 24

Fire Extinguisher Training 24

Fire and Fire Alarm Response Procedures 24

Designated Assembly Areas 25

Individuals with a Disability 25

Areas of Rescue Assistance 25

Evacuation Assistant 25

Individuals with a Mobility Challenge 25

Visually Impaired 26

Residential Students 26

Record Keeping 26

Reporting 27

Higher Education Opportunity Act 27

List of Acronyms


Automatic External Defibrillator


Authority Having Jurisdiction


Area of Rescue Assistance


Bureau of Capital Outlay Management


Code of Federal Regulations


Department of General Services


Factory Mutual


Fire code officials: University Building Official, State Fire Marshal’s Office , Bureau of Capital Outlay Management, Local fire officials (where applicable)


Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter


Higher Education Opportunity Act


International Code Council


Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory


National Fire Protection Association


National Incident Management System / Incident Command System


Office of Environmental Health


Office of Housing and Residential Life


Occupational Health and Safety Administration


Resident Advisor


Safety Data Sheet


Virginia State Fire Marshal’s Office


Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code


Underwriters Laboratory


Uniform Statewide Building Code

List of Linked Documents:

Residence Hall Policies:


Fire Safety Guide:


Fire Watch Guide:




Risk Management – Fire Safety, Permits:


Risk Management – Fire Safety, Crowd Manager Guide


Risk Management – Hot Work Safety Guide


Risk Management – Temporary Structures Guide:


Risk Management – Pyrotechnic Display Guide:


Risk Management – Open Flame Guide:


Electrical Safety Guide


Fire Extinguisher Training


Energy Use Policy:


Unit Safety Plan Template:


Emergency Preparedness Guide


Work Notification Form:


Electrical Safety:



James Madison University is committed to providing a safe environment. This Fire Safety Plan is a collaborative effort between the JMU office of Risk Management, Facilities Management, and Public Safety. This plan outlines the various responsibilities, activities, and procedures that the university observes to reduce the potential for fires and mitigate the damage should a fire occur on or near property controlled by the university.

This document describes the procedures James Madison University uses to mitigate the risk of fire on university property and satisfy the requirements of the Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code (SFPC) Section 404 and United States Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Section 29, part 1910.39. This document establishes the necessary testing, inspection, and certification of fire alarm and suppression equipment maintained by the university.

This document is applicable to all campuses, sites, centers, and buildings that are owned or operated by James Madison University personnel. Elements of this plan may be applicable to leased spaces based on university activities and contract stipulations. University employees that are responsible for university space or conduct activities subject to Statewide Fire Prevention Code, National Fire Protection Association standards (NFPA), International Code Council (ICC) standards, or Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) regulations are expected to be familiar with the contents of this plan.

Roles and Responsibilities
The following units, shops, and individuals identified below are assigned specific roles and responsibilities to implement this Fire Safety Plan.

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