James M. Stewart

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James M. Stewart

jms@jmstewart.net http://jmstewart.net

Game Development Experience
Red Accent, Senior Gameplay Engineer, Unannounced title September 2014-present

Implemented numerous game play systems and authoring tools for a AAA mobile game.

Collaborated remotely with engineering team located in Shanghai, China.
2K Marin, Senior Gameplay Engineer, Mafia III October 2013-September 2014

2K Marin, Gameplay Engineer, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified September 2010-October 2013

Implemented RPG economy systems for character progression, experience, research

mechanics, perks and other unlocks. Developed tools for rapid iteration in these systems.

Maintained player weapons code—added numerous performance optimizations and new

features (especially for converting game from first- to third-person view).

Developed data-driven framework for validating, targeting, and executing orders in

The Bureau’s Battle Focus mode.

Developed rule-based dynamic training system to select loading screen and

in-game tutorial messages based on player behavior.

Implemented the client side of a telemetry solution to queue and transmit events

related to in-game player behavior.
LucasArts, Gameplay Engineer, Lucidity and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II September 2008-September 2010

Contributed to numerous gameplay and UI systems for Lucidity, an XBLA title.

Developed importer to pack compressed versions of very large multiplane background

images for Lucidity.

Wrote photoshop scripts to export animation frames and timings for Lucidity artists.

Implemented Gorog boss AI for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II.

Prototyped physics-based gameplay and other systems for an unannounced title. Served as

gameplay engineer on a small team that developed the title through alpha.

Visual Concepts, Presentation Engineer, NBA 2K9 April 2008-September 2008

Extended a proprietary scripting language to expose engine functionality for game flow,

audio/commentary events, and UI animation.

Implemented new UI feature for 2K9: Coach’s Clipboard, an interface for the user to send

commands to AI players during live play or timeouts.

Implemented numerous statistical splashes and overlays (as per televised basketball games).

Stormfront Studios, Programmer, The Spiderwick Chronicles May 2007-April 2008

Developed for Xbox 360, PC, PS2 and Wii platforms

Implemented several game objects, sprite powers (player power ups and attacks),

AI behaviors, a dumbwaiter minigame, input buffering/filtering, and a cheat system.

Developed two C# tools: File monitor and server for a live update system (edits on PC appear

in the game); and a GUI for all developers to manage local project/branch settings for Perforce

and the Build system.

Implemented HUD elements: 3D power selector, quest pages and updates, multiplayer menus

Delivered Xbox 360 demo; implemented systems related to Xbox OS issues: achievements,

rich presence, player profile management.

Maintained particle system and authoring tool. Optimizations and bug fixes.
Gearbox Software, Programming Intern, Brothers-In-Arms: Hell’s Highway July-September 2006

Wrote script for the multiplayer mode of forthcoming title for PC and Xbox 360.

Gained experience with Unreal 3 engine, especially networking issues and UnrealScript.

Teaching Experience
Santa Rosa Junior College, Adjunct Professor August 2009-current

Developed curriculum and taught five semesters of an Introduction to Game Programming

course. The class learned fundamental programming concepts presented via examples from

well-known games. Students created games using HTML5 and JavaScript. The second section

of this class covered more advanced concepts such as A* pathfinding and simple physics

simulation using Euler integration.

Taught semester of Introduction to Web Development covering basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Taught weeklong summer seminar on game development in Adobe Flash for high school students.

AI Game Programming Wisdom 4, Contributing Author February 2008

Co-wrote article “Intrinsic Detail in Navigation Mesh Generation” for a yearly anthology of AI

papers published by Charles River Media (co-author: Colt McAnlis)
Gamasutra, Immediate Professionals: Dev Kits and University Game Degrees, Author March 2006


White Wolf Publishing, Inc., Copyeditor, Freelance Editor and Writer January 2000–June 2005

Co-authored nine sourcebooks for company’s various role-playing properties.

Copyedited eight novels and 26 source books for company’s various role-playing properties.
The Guildhall at SMU, Plano, TX July 2005-March 2007

Master of Science, Interactive Technology

Specialization: Software Development
State University of New York, New Paltz, NY January 2004-June 2005

Master of Science, Computer Science

University of Texas, Austin, TX December 2000

Bachelor of Arts, English

Recipient of National Merit Scholarship and Dedman Scholarship
Core Skills
Strong knowledge of C++, C#, JavaScript

Console development experience with Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, PS2, PC, Wii, XBLA

Mobile development experience with Android and iOS

Script experience with JavaScript, Lua, UnrealScript

Development experience with Unity 3D, Unreal 3, Unreal 2.X

Software Familiarity: Visual Studio, Perforce, Subversion, Git, DevTrack, Hansoft, Jira,

SourceTree, Test Track Pro, XLAST, Araxis Merge, Unity, Adobe Photoshop, 3D Studio Max,

MS Project, RAD Telemetry

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