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PUBLICATIONS Comprehensive listing (updated February 2009)
Inclusive of books, chapters, journal and internet articles, conference papers, reports, working papers, book reviews, bibliographies, proposals, press references, and maps (items are listed chronologically and exclude letters to the media)
An Island Characteristic: Derivative vulnerabilities to indigenous and exogenous hazards

Shima (forthcoming) 2009
Walter Gropius in England: 1934–1937

DOCOMOMO Journal 40 Paris 2009
Housing, flooding and risk-ecology: Thames Estuary south-shoreland and north Kent

(with Ilan Kelman)

Journal of Architectural and Planning Research (forthcoming) 2009
Ambulances for Bangladesh: A microcosm of technical assistance

www.livingwithflooding.eu (posting postponed) 2009
The artist as witness: Zainul Abedin and the Bengal Famine of 1943

Submitted to Radix for publication 2008

The Creation of Cultures of Risk: 2008

Political and commercial decisions as causes of vulnerability for others

An Anthology. September

Self sufficiency and sustainability: a study of Marshfield 2008

www.livingwithflooding.eu (posting postponed)
How corruption can prevent the implementation of disaster risk reduction policies

Submitted to ISDR for publication 2008

Corruption and earthquake destruction:

Observations on events in Turkey, Italy and China 2008

Places, people and perpetuity: Community capacities in ecologies of catastrophe 2008

(with Ilan Kelman: submitted for publication)

The University of Bradford Disaster Research Unit 1973–1977 2008

European Islands:

Permanently populated Regions, Territories, Provinces, Colonies & Dependencies 2008

The Worm in the Bud: Corruption, construction and catastrophe

Chapter in: Hazards and the Built Environment (Lee Bosher: Ed) Taylor & Francis 2008

Typhoons and floods in Vietnam:

Measures for disaster reduction in contexts of climate change 2007




The people’s war against climate change

Working paper 2008

COMMENT: Climate Change and Human Security Wisner, B et al

RADIX April http://www.radixonline.org/cchs-reply_from_lewis.html 2007

Climate and disaster reduction Tiempo Climate Newswatch

Climate Research Unit, University of East Anglia. 2007 http://www.tiempocyberclimate.org/newswatch/comment070217.htm

Modernism and politics: German national socialism to English rural conservatism

Endangered contexts DOCOMOMO Journal 34 pp 88-91 March. Paris 2006

Creativity, politics and the English house now

Unpublished typescript 2006

Volcanic and other vicissitudes: the deep-sea port of Rabaul

RADIX http://www.radixonline.org/latest.htm 2006

Earthquake destruction: corruption on the fault line

Global Corruption Report 2005 pp23-30

Transparency International, Berlin 2005

Ecology and Vulnerability: Islands and sustainable risk management

Kelman, Ilan & Lewis, James

INSULA International Journal of Island Affairs

Dossier: Resilience and vulnerability

Year 14 No 2 pp5-12 December 2005


Housing construction in earthquake-prone places:

Perspectives, priorities and projections for development

Australian Journal of Disaster Management 18/2 May 2003 http://www.ema.gov.au/ema/emaInternet.nsf/AllDocs/RWP3129C56F51F6881FCA256C76003614AE?OpenDocument
Lugs, stubs, brackets, clamps, and dowels - and bolts into the concrete:

Window fixings at the Bauhaus

DOCOMOMO Journal 28 pp 83-93 March 2003
Why do Schools and Hospitals Collapse in Earthquakes ? (with Ben Wisner)

Exchange; UN Chronicle No 3 2003 p49 2003

The Algerian earthquakes of May 2003: Some precedents for reconstruction 2003

RADIX http://www.radixonline.org/algeria2.htm

Pieces of the continent: An island anthology

http://www.islandvulnerability.org/anthology.html 2003
Disaster vulnerability reduction: Foresighting development for survival in natural hazards

Unpublished typescript (includes case study for Jamaica) 2002

Improved building construction ?

Knowing versus doing RADIX 2001 http://www.radixonline.org/knowingvsdoing.htm

Continuum or Contiguum? Development for survival and vulnerability reduction

Paper presented: Session VI: Disaster and Development - a vital connection

5th ESA Conference Helsinki September 2001

Understanding normal hazardousness

Alliance Charities Aid Foundation, London 2001 www.allavida.org/alliance/articles/2001/pr20010614_6.cfm
Technical Approaches to flood risk Management:

Planning, Building Design and Building Modification; An Architectural Viewpoint

A Submission of Evidence

Institute of Civil Engineers

Presidential Commission

to review Technical Approaches to Flood Risk Management in England and Wales

Learning to live with rivers Final Report ICE London 2001

Marshfield earthquakes and other hazards

All Around Marshfield October 2000
How does the bolt get into the concrete ? Fixing in the frame; from Bauhaus to Bangladesh

DOCOMOMO Journal 23 pp43-50 August

Delft University of Technology 2000

The UK Overseas Territories and natural disaster occurrence

http://www.islandvulnerability.org/otuk.html#overview 2000
Global warming, climate change and sea level rise: Contexts, implications and responses

Paper presented to Architects and Engineers for Social Responsibility, Sheffield 1999

Vulnerability reduction for the new millennium: Small measures are the key

Commonwealth Currents Commonwealth Secretariat London 4 pp18-19 1999
Development in Disaster-prone Places: Studies in Vulnerability

IT Publications, London 1999 Includes five case studies of vulnerability description and analysis

  • Volcano in Tonga

  • Some perspectives on natural disaster vulnerability in Tonga

  • A multi-hazard history of Antigua

  • Vulnerability to a cyclone: Damage distribution in Sri Lanka

  • Change, and vulnerability to a natural hazard: Chiswell, Dorset

Cyclone-resistant domestic construction in Bangladesh (with Malcolm P Chisholm)

Implementing Hazard-resistant Housing (pp 29-38)

Hodgson, R L P; Salek, M S; Choudhury, J R: Eds

Proceedings of the First International Housing and Hazards Workshop, Dhaka, 1996

Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET)/

Housing & Hazards Group, University of Exeter 1999
Water for toilets and drinking in cyclone shelters:Bangladesh Cyclone Shelter Preparatory Project

Paper 9 in Lessons Learned from NGO Experiences in the Water and Sanitation Sector

Smout, Ian; Parry-Jones, Sarah: Eds

WELL (Water & Environmental Health in Developing Countries)

University of Loughborough www.lboro.ac.uk/well/lessons/contents.htm 1999
How to be critical yet useful – and to be asked to do it again: a consultant’s dilemma

UK Evaluation Society Conference London 1998
Three Caribbean Volcanoes: Island history, geography and vulnerability

Stop Disasters 32/11 1997

IDNDR Secretariat Geneva

Volcanic eruption on Montserrat: Perspectives on risk-management and vulnerability

Unpublished typescript 1997

LECTURES Case Study of Tuvalu

Sea Level Rise: A case of cost transfer and responsibility

MSc in Environmental Science, Policy and Planning: Management of the Commons

University of Bath 1997 etc

Development, vulnerability and disaster reduction:

Bangladesh cyclone shelter projects and their implications

Chapter 4 in Reconstruction After Disaster: Issues and Practices (pp45-56) 1997

Awotona, Adenrele: Ed. Ashgate
BIBLIOGRAPHY References on Cyclone Shelters in Bangladesh

(dual-purpose design, construction, integration and management)

Newsletter European Network of Bangladesh Studies, University of Bath

Issue No 9 pp20-31 April 1996

REPORT Evaluation: Post-flood Rehabilitation II Project (North Western Bangladesh) and

Mid-term Review: Primary Schools cum Cyclone Shelter Project (South Eastern Bangladesh)

Combined mission; field visits from Dhaka, inclusive of Bogra, Chokeria, Cox’s Bazaar,

Kutubdia, Noakhali, Rajshahi and Sandwip

European Commission DG1

Datum International 1995
Tropical cyclones and vulnerability

Course discussion paper

Centre for Tropical Coastal Zone Management Studies, University of Newcastle 1995
Reconstruction, development and disaster reduction:

The provision of cyclone shelters in coastal Bangladesh. A case for Integrated coastal zone management ? Case Study

Centre for Tropical Coastal Zone Management Studies, University of Newcastle 1995

PROPOSAL Project Identification and Equitable Development Planning for

Vulnerability Reduction in Areas Affected by Natural Disasters and/or Civil Strife:

Jamaica Hurricane / Flooding / Earthquake Environment and Community Development.

Submitted to: UNCHS (UNHabitat); UNDHA; UNEP & UNHCR:

The International Advisory Group for a Development Agenda.

In collaboration with the Disaster & Emergency Reference Centre, University of Delft 1995

Volcanoes and War in Papua New Guinea Stop Disasters No 21 p20

IDNDR Secretariat Geneva September/October 1994

Earthquakes and war in Algeria

UNHabitat / UNEP Continuum from Relief to Development 1994

PROPOSAL Networking and Technology Exchange for Disaster Reduction

in the Context of IDNDR Europe, India, Bangladesh & Nepal

Submitted to: European Community Humanitarian Office (ECHO),Brussels 1994

Vulnerability reduction, Survival and Sustainability: What kind of Development ?

Seminar: Civil Strife and Relief:

Within the Context of the Continuum from Relief to Development

Institute of Social Studies, The Hague 1994

Disasters, conflict and recovery:

What kind of development for sustainability and vulnerability reduction ?

Reconstruction After Disaster: The State of the Art

Centre for Architectural Research Overseas (CARDO),

School of Architecture, University of Newcastle 1994
What kind of development for sustainability and disaster reduction ?

UNHabitat / UNEP International Workshop on Human Settlements and

Environmental Strategies for Action in the Continuum from Relief to Development

Nairobi 1994

Earthquakes and War in Algeria

Stop Disasters No 21 p20 September/October IDNDR Secretariat Geneva 1994

The Environmentalist 14/3 p232 1994
The design of primary schools to serve as cyclone shelters: Bangladesh and the Caribbean

Development Workshop: Celebration, Trejouls, Lauzerte, France 1993

REPORT Cyclone Shelter Project, Bangladesh: Preparatory Study

Preparation of Terms of Reference:

Field mission to Dhaka, Kutubdia, Chokeria, Patuakhali and Kalapari

European Commission/World Bank IDA

Datum International 1993
The Old Order Changeth” ? Development for vulnerability reduction and survival enablement

Working paper 1993

Building for Global Warming: Design for climate change

Architects' Journal 197/24 pp54-55 16 June 1993
Development planning for recurrent natural disasters

Seminar paper, Centre for Development Studies, University of Bath 1993

Bangladesh: The design and construction of primary schools

to serve as community cyclone shelters in coastal areas

Case Study: Training Materials for Disaster Reduction 1993

Climate change and ecological building design: cautionary amber to precede the green

Working paper 1993

REPORT Primary Schools cum Cyclone Shelters, Bangladesh: Preliminary Study

(site assessments, design and construction criteria, design proposals)

Field mission: Dhaka, Moheshkhali and Kutubdia

European Commission, Brussels

Datum International 1992
Relief and Development–Chicken and Egg ?

Development Studies Association Annual Conference

University of Glasgow 1992

Vulnerability reduction in development for human settlements

Proceedings of the Cairo Seminar: Training for Disaster Reduction II 2-5 September 1991

Disaster and Emergency Reference Centre (DERC) and the

United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO)

DERC Delft 1992

Betty’s Hope” and the West Indies Connection

All Around Marshfield No 44 Summer 1992
"Them and Us": Emergency planning and response in a social perspective

Chapter 13 (pp195-202) in

Hazard Management and Emergency Planning: Perspectives in Britain

(Parker, Dennis; Handmer, John: Eds) James & James 1992

Climate Change and Sea Level Rise

Small Commonwealth States Disaster Management Workshop

Oxford Polytechnic/ODA 1992

REPORT School Design and hazard resistance, construction training and curriculum

infusion: Preliminary Field Mission for a Caribbean Subregional Project Framework

(Antigua & Barbuda; Jamaica; St Christopher & Nevis; St Vincent & The Grenadines)

United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), Paris

Datum International 1991

REPORT Economic Development Planning for Recurrent Natural Disasters:

Floods and Cyclones in Bangladesh: Report of a preliminary fact-finding mission with recommendations

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) Geneva

Datum International 1991
Vulnerability Reduction in Development for Human Settlements

Seminar paper

Training Materials for Disaster Reduction

UNESCO / Technical University of Delft, Cairo 1991

Tropical Cyclones and Island States (pp39-44)

Shelter, Settlements, Policy and the Poor ITDG London 1991
Tropical cyclones and island states; a pattern for development ?

Eighth Inter-Schools Conference on Development

Intermediate Technology Development Group (ITDG / Practical Action)

Stoneleigh, Warwickshire 1991
The relief syndrome: Post World War II and sequentialism

Working paper 1991

REVIEW Accident or Design ?

RIBA Report Nuclear Disaster and the Built Environment

Medicine and War 7/1 January-March 1991


RIBA Journal pp34-35 July 1990
The Vulnerability of Small Island States to Sea Level Rise:

The Need for Holistic Strategies

Disasters 14/3 pp241-248 1990
Consultants and the Decade

UNDRO News p23 January/February 1990

REPORT The Economic Consequences of Natural Disasters: With special reference to

Small island states The Commonwealth Secretariat, London

Datum International 1990

REVIEW The Rising Seas (Martin Ince)

& Our Common Seas: Coasts in Crisis (Don Hinrichsen)

Requested by Disasters October 1990
REPORT British Consultants Bureau Conference on “Disaster Relief and Mitigation”

London 7 February 1990

Disasters 14/2 pp174-175 1990
REPORT Small States Conference on Sea Level Rise (Male, Maldives 1989)

Disasters 14/3 pp77-78 1990

Environmentalist 10/2 pp141-142 1990
REVIEW Coping with Natural Disasters:

The Role of Local Health Personnel and the Community

World Health Organisation / League of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

WHO Geneva 1989

Medicine and War 6/1 pp46-49 1990
PROPOSAL Global Warming, Climate Change and Sea Level Rise:

Economic, social and cultural implications for Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea

An Invited Programme Proposal 1990

Vulnerability to natural hazards

Course discussion paper

Centre for Tropical Coastal Management Studies, University of Newcastle 1990
Sea Level Rise - some implications for Tuvalu

Ambio 18/8 pp458-459 1989

Appropriate Technology 16/2 pp26-28 September 1989

The Environmentalist 9/4 pp269-275 1989
Vulnerability of small states to sea level rise: Sea-defence, adjustment, and preparedness;

requirements for holistic national and international strategies

Small States Conference on Sea Level Rise

The Maldives / Commonwealth Secretariat 1989

REVIEW Violent Forces of Nature (Robert H Maybury Ed)

Public Administration and Development 9 pp338 1989
Disasters, Homelessness and Reconstruction: Projections for vulnerability reduction

Open House International 13/2 1988

Centre for Architectural Research and Development (CARDO)

The University of Newcastle upon Tyne

REPORT Sea Level Rise: Tonga, Tuvalu (& Kiribati) Field Mission for the

Commonwealth Expert Group on Climate Change and Sea Level Rise

Datum International 1988

Resource document for Climate Change: Meeting the Challenge 1989

Commonwealth Secretariat, London
Survival, recovery, and reconstruction: And the nature of war

Workshop paper

Settlement reconstruction After War

Institute of Advanced Architectural Studies

University of York 1989
Some pre-conditions of vulnerability to disasters

Disaster Management

Commonwealth Science Council

Commonwealth Secretariat, London 1989
Affordability and participation, need and vulnerability: Post-cyclone rehousing in Tonga

Sixth Inter-schools Conference on Development

Centre for Development Planning Studies

University of Sheffield 1989
Time and tide wait for no man: Temporal aspects of risk management

One-day Workshop

International Panel for Risk Reduction in Hazard-prone Areas, London 1988
Something rotten in the state of England ? The Storm of 16 October 1987

Newsletter of the International Hazards Panel

No 2 March 1988

REPORT The Implications of Sea Level Rise for Island and Low-lying Countries

Commonwealth Expert Group on Climate Change and Sea Level Rise

Datum International 1988
Settlement and resource management:

Interconnections with students of architecture and landscape at Manchester Polytechnic

Breaking with old conventions

Private View: Architects' Journal p83 20 April 1988

Open Letter in response to

Confronting Natural Disasters: An International Decade for Natural Hazard Reduction

Natural Hazards Observer XII/4 p4 March 1988

University of Colorado


Commentary: Report on Reports

Environment (White, Gilbert F: Ed) Washington DC July/August pp3-4 1988
Settlement Reconstruction Post-war (Editor) Papers of the First York Workshop

Postwar Reconstruction and Development Unit, University of York 1988

Survival, reconstruction and vulnerability – pre- and post-war

Introductory Paper

BIBLIOGRAPHY Settlement Reconstruction Post-war

Collated in association with the 1988 Two-day Workshop

Post-war Settlement Reconstruction

Seminar paper

Centre for Architectural Research and Development

University of Newcastle 1987

REPORT Access to Life-saving Services in Urban Areas

Overall framework, editing and panel member 1987

United Nations Environment Programme and the World Health Organisation

UNEP & WHO Geneva 1989
Vulnerability and Development – and the development of vulnerability

Development Studies Association Annual Conference

University of Manchester 1986

Risk, vulnerability and survival:

Some post-Chernobyl implications for people, planning and civil defence

Local Government Studies pp75-93 July/August 1987

Vulnerability Management: The translation of “risk” into planning decisions

IFHP-IULA Symposium:

Prevention and Containment of Large-scale Industrial Accidents

Rotterdam 1987

Vulnerability Management – the translation of risk into planning decisions

Working paper 1987

Architecture for the Third World

The Architect (RIBA Journal) pp39-44 February 1987

Royal Institute of British Architects

Cook Islands Cyclone

AODRO Newsletter 5/1 April 1987

Australian Overseas Disaster Response Organisation

Housing and Physical Development in Algeria:

Development in earthquake areas and the management of vulnerability

Annual Colloquium of Research in Progress

Centre for Architectural Research Overseas (CARDO),

School of Architecture, University of Newcastle 1987
Vulnerability Management

Discussion Paper

Development Administration Group

Institute of Local Government Studies, University of Birmingham 1986

Natural Hazards – Who’s standards for whom

Seminar paper

Panel for Risk Reduction in Hazard-prone Areas, London 1986
Vulnerability reduction in development planning

Development Studies Association Annual Conference

University of East Anglia 1986

PROPOSAL Vulnerability reduction in urban development

Module (two days): Management of Urban Development 1986

REVIEW The Economics of Bushfires (Healey, Jarrett and McKay Eds)

The Economic Journal The Economic Society 1986
REPORT Gloucestershire Industrial Heritage: Regeneration Strategy for the Stroud Valleys

Urban and Economic Development Ltd (URBED), London

Datum International 1986
The Environmental Interrelationships of Vulnerability

On the Line Natural Hazards Observer IX/4 March 1985

University of Colorado
Project identification in hazardous environments

AODRO Newsletter 3/3 pp1-3 September

Australian Overseas Disaster Response Organisation. Sydney 1985

PROPOSAL Post-disaster project identification for recurrent disaster mitigation:

For application in developing countries after natural disaster occurrence

Datum International 1985

Vulnerability to a Natural Hazard:

Geomorphic, Technological and Social Change at Chiswell, Dorset

some implications for policy formulation

Ekistics: the problems and science of human settlements

Special Issue on Natural Hazards and Human Settlements Disasters 2

51/309 Athens January 1985
REPORT Recovery after nuclear attack ? Report of Task 9 (Editor)

The Greater London Area War Risk Study (GLAWARS)

GLC & the Polytechnic of the South Bank, London

Datum International 1985

Recovery after nuclear attack ? Projections from natural and other disasters

Greater London Area War Studies (GLAWARS) Working Paper

Polytechnic of the South Bank, London 1985

Alternative approaches to civil defence planning; a civil survival strategy

Greater London Area War Studies (GLAWARS) Working Paper

Polytechnic of the South Bank, London 1985

Working out the degree of risk

Building Design 17 May 1985
REVIEW Interpretations of Calamity from the Viewpoint of Human Ecology (Hewitt K Ed)

Allen & Unwin Boston 1983

Journal of Development Studies 21/2 January 1985
Environmental Interpretation of Natural Disaster Vulnerability: The crucial need

Guest Editorial The Environmentalist 4 177-180 1984

Elsevier Sequoia Geneva
Disaster Mitigation Planning: Some lessons from island countries

Occasional Paper

Centre for Development Studies, University of Bath 1984
A Multi-hazard history of Antigua

Disasters 8/3 pp190-197 Pergamon 1984

Young People and Disasters: Hazards, Mitigation and Preparedness

Teaching Materials Production

Ministry of Education, Kingdom of Tonga 1984
Vulnerability to a cyclone: Damage distribution in Sri Lanka

Ekistiks: the problem and science of human settlements

Special issue on natural hazards and Human Settlements Disasters 1

51/308 pp421-431 September/October Athens 1984
Earthquakes and some other hazards

All Around Marshfield July 1984
PROPOSAL An Ecology of Natural Disaster: A Proposal for Television 1984
PROPOSAL Ecology in Action for Disaster Mitigation

(based upon the UNESCO “Ecology in Action” Programme)

An exhibit of five posters

Submitted to the Man and Biosphere Programme UNESCO Paris 1984

REVIEW Tropical Cyclone 'Isaac':

Cyclone Impact in the Context of the Society and Economy of the Kingdom of Tonga

and Report on Damage Caused by Cyclone 'Isaac' in Tonga (Reardon G F; Oliver J)

Disaster Investigation Report No 5 1982 and Technical Report No 3 1982

James Cook University of North Queensland

International Journal of Mass Emergencies and Disasters 2/3 pp406-410 1984
Natural disasters in Pacific Island Countries: Some analysis and some response

Revised version of a paper presented to the Pacific Committee, British Council of Churches

Working paper 1983
REPORT The Disaster Preparedness Strategies Seminar: Pacific Islands Development

Programme: East-West Centre, Hawaii & the South Pacific Bureau for Economic

Co-operation (SPEC) Suva, Fiji Report to the Commonwealth Foundation

Datum International 1983

REPORT The UNEP Natural Disasters Programme – An Evaluation: UNEP’s Crucial

Role for Natural Disaster Mitigation United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

With archive access Nairobi

Datum International 1983

REPORT The Kingdom of Tonga: Project Identification and Human Settlement Planning

Strategy for Natural Disaster Mitigation: The Long-term Implications of Hurricane Isaac

(March 1982) United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (UNCHS), Nairobi

Mission Report, Datum International 1983

Disaster Mitigation: Strategic planning for the holistic modification of the vulnerability process

The planning function for natural disaster mitigation

Community Health and Natural Disaster Mitigation:Mutual integration for reduced disability

Three working papers 1983

Change, and vulnerability to natural hazard: Chiswell, Dorset

The Environmentalist 3 / 4 pp277-287 1983

Elsevier Sequoia Geneva

Multi-hazard historical contexts: Disaster in six island countries

(Antigua; Cape Verde; Comoros; Cook Islands; Maldives and Western Samoa)

Unpublished typescript 1983

REPORT The Social and Economic Effects of Natural Disasters on Least-developed Island Countries: With special reference to Cape Verde Islands; Comoro Islands; Maldive Islands;

Western Samoa; and Antigua Archive research: Geneva, Lisbon, London and Paris


Datum International 1982
Natural disaster assessment and mitigation:

Evaluation frameworks in development contexts

Symposium on Aid Evaluation

Centre for Development Studies, University of Bath 1982

REPORT Planning for Human Settlements in Disaster-prone Areas

Fifth Commission on Human Settlements 1982 United Nations Centre for Human

Settlements (UNCHS Habitat), Nairobi (with Alcira Kreimer)

Datum International 1982
Natural disaster mitigation: Environmental approaches in Tonga and Algeria

The Environmentalist 2/3 pp233-246

Elsevier Sequoia Geneva 1982

Cyclone destruction in Sri Lanka: Some socio-economic analysis

Disaster Management 2/3 pp137-148 July-September New Delhi 1982
PROPOSAL A Three-part Proposal. Three stages for natural disaster mitigation strategy:

Integrated with socio-economic development at national, provincial and local levels

Datum International 1982

REPORT Assistance Preparatoire pour la Reconstruction des Etablissements Humains

dans la Region d’El Asnam, Algerie République Algérienne Democratique et Populaire:

Commission Interministerielle pour l’Etude de la Reconstruction d’El Asnam /

Centre des Nations Unies pour les Etablissements Humains (CNUH Habitat)

Rapport de Mission (avec Madame F D Mokrane), Algiers 1981

REPORT Planning for Human Settlements in Disaster-prone Areas Report for the Fifth

Session for the United Nations Commission on Human Settlements, Nairobi

Datum International. 1981
REVIEW Natural Disasters and Vulnerability Analysis UNDRO

Disasters 5/4 1981
Proposals for Disaster Mitigation

Presentation to the Church of England / International Peace Academy 1981

REPORT Proposals for the Development of Mitigation Services

The Crown Agents for Overseas Governments and Administrations, London

Datum International 1981
The Sri Lanka Cyclone 1978: Socio-economic analysis of housing destruction

Marga 6/2 pp1-33 1981

Marga Institute, Colombo

Some perspectives on natural disaster vulnerability in Tonga

Pacific Viewpoint 22/2 pp145-162 September

Victoria University of Wellington 1981

Preparing against natural disasters

Crown Agents Quarterly Review (no p nos) Winter 1980
Datum International established in 1980


Centre for Development Studies, University of Bath 1977-1980
Hurricane Damage (with reference to Hurricane Allen)

Correspondence: Nature 287 October 1980

Macmillan Journals London
Hurricane Allen and disaster preparedness in the Caribbean

Working paper 1980

A Case for Micro-funding: Natural Disaster Preparedness and Prevention

Working paper 1980

REPORT A Short Caribbean Assignment:

Training Programmes for Project Identification for Disaster Preparedness

The Crown Agents for Overseas Governments and Administrations 1980

Natural disaster: An inside view of hurricane damage

Working paper (Santo Domingo) 1980

The Ecology of Natural Disaster: Implications for Development Planners 

Project for the Analysis of Natural Disaster Vulnerability

Centre for Development studies, University of Bath

Working paper 1980

De integratie van een beleid voor rampenbestrijding in de ecologische problematiek

(The ecological integration of disaster relief)

ASPECTEN van internationale samenwerking 6 pp237-239 1980

Ministry of Foreign Affairs The Hague With English transcript

PROPOSAL The Ecological Integration of Disaster Relief

A Proposal submitted to the Ministry of Overseas Affairs, The Hague

Datum International 1980

Seminar presentations:

  • Acceleration of vulnerability

  • Disaster as opportunity

  • Costs/benefits of prevention

  • Why phenomena become disasters

ASEAN Disaster Preparedness Seminar, Manila, The Philippines

US Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance January-February 1980

The Vulnerable State: An Alternative View

Chapter 5 Disaster Assistance: Appraisal, Reform and New Approaches

Lyn Stevens; Stephen Green: Eds pp104-129

NYU Press/Macmillan London 1979

Flood “could hit Chiswell again”

By a Staff Reporter

The Observer Sunday 26 August 1979
Chiswell disasters “not freak incidents”

By Liv O’Hanlon

Dorset Evening Echo Thursday 23 August 1979
Working papers: Disaster Preparedness: The implementation of the concept

Disaster Mitigation: The role of social and economic development planning 1979
The Tamil Nadu Cyclone, November 1977: A Comparison of Newspaper Reports


Disasters 3/2 pp123-125 1979
Vulnerability to a natural hazard:

Geomorphic, technological and social change at Chiswell, Dorset

Natural Hazards Research Working Papers 37 1979

University of Colorado

Storm and flood at Chiswell, Dorset:

An independent report of analysis and policy recommendations 1979
Disaster Vulnerability: Outer Concept versus Inner Condition

(Accepted for Mass Emergencies 4/4 immediately prior to that journal’s discontinuation)

http://massemergencies.org/Lewis1979.pdf 1979
Volcano in Tonga

Journal of Administration Overseas XVIII/2 pp83-121 April

ODA/HMSO London 1979

Disasters and the small dwelling: Mitigation and preparedness measures

Disasters 3:3 pp249-252 1979
Vulnerability and Development – and the development of vulnerability

Ppaer presented

Development Studies Association Conference, University of Manchester 1979
How should we cope with weather hazards ?

Working paper 1979

PROPOSAL Architectural Design and Environmental Hazard

(with Ricardo Scofidio, Associate Professor)

Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, New York City 1979
PROPOSAL The Ecology of Natural Disaster

Submitted to the United Nations Environment Programme,

Environmental Assessment Service UNEP Nairobi 1979
REPORT The Ecology of Natural Disaster:

An examination of the relationship between the activities of man and consequent

Alteration in the environment which may increase or decrease the incidence and

severity of natural disaster

UNEP Nairobi (WG.33/Inf.1) 1979

REPORT Mitigation and Preparedness for Natural Disaster in the Kingdom of Tonga

The Government of Tonga / Overseas Development Administration (ODA)

Nuku’alofa 1978
The Appropriateness of Mitigation and Preparedness Measures to Low-income Families

Paper presented

Conference Disasters and the Small Dwelling Mitigation and Preparedness Measures 1978
Natural Disaster and an Environment for Architecture

Based on a lecture given in March 1978 to the Schools of Architecture, Industrial

Design and Civil Engineering, Carelton University, Ottawa


Faculty of Environmental Studies, University of Waterloo 1978
Disaster Ecology: ­

An International Journal for the Study of the Avoidance and Mitigation of Natural Disaster 

Editorial prepared for Crane Russak and Company Inc, New York USA 1978

Mitigating natural misfortunes

People 5/2 London 1978
Towards Self-reliance in Disaster Relief

(also Quand la Catastrophe s'Abat … Pouvoir compter sur les propres moyens)

Development Directions p32 June/July 1978

Canadian International Development Agency

The Analysis of Vulnerability to Natural Disaster: Towards a Comprehensive Methodology

Seminar: Centre for Development Studies, University of Bradford 1978

REVIEW Population, resources and Development in the Eastern Islands of Fiji:

Information for decision making General Report No 1 (UNFPA) &

Island Reports No 1: Ecology and rational use of ecosystems (UNESCO) c1978
15,000 dead, not such a bad year: A review of press reports of natural disasters in 1977

Working paper 1978

Human Settlements and Disasters. No 1: The Nature of Disasters

Commonwealth Association of Architects 1978

Product or process: Natural Disaster and an Environment for Architecture

Architecture and Socio-Cultural Development

Thirteenth World Congress of the UIA Mexico 1978 1977
Natural Disaster: Responsibilities of architects and planners

Built Environment Quarterly pp310-311 1977
Centre for Development Studies, University of Bath 1977-1980


Disaster Research Unit, University of Bradford 1974-1977
REPORT Water Supply and Sanitation in Disasters Part 8 “Sanitation Aspects” for

Disaster Prevention and Mitigation: A Compendium of Current Knowledge

School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London / UNDRO Geneva 1977

A Primer in Precautionary Planning for Natural Disaster

Occasional Paper 13

Disaster Research Unit, University of Bradford 1977
A Philosophy of Precautionary Planning (with O'Keefe P; Westgate K N)

International Journal of Mass Emergencies and Disasters 2 pp95-104 Elsevier 1977


Some Aspects of Disaster Research

Disasters 1/3 pp241-244 Pergamon 1977
The Implementation of Research into Precautionary Planning for Natural Disaster

Disaster Research Unit

Working paper 1977

Disaster Preparedness in the South Pacific

South Pacific Bulletin pp14-20 First Quarter 1977
Bradford Disaster Research Unit

Commonwealth Association of Architects Newsletter: Education Supplement 76:3 1976
New Directions


Are Buildings the Answer ?

The Architect pp49 & 49-50 October 1976
Precautionary Planning for Natural Disaster

Foresight 2/2 August 1976
Precautionary planning for natural disasters in the South Pacific

South Pacific Preparedness and Relief Seminar

League of Red Cross Societies and the Commonwealth Secretariat

Suva, Fiji 1976
Disaster Research 3

Disaster Research Unit, University of Bradford August 1976

REPORT A Report to Establish Guidelines for the Management of a Fund to Provide

Insurance for Natural Disaster

South Pacific Bureau for Economic Co-operation / Commonwealth Fund for Technical Co-operation (SPEC / Commonwealth Secretariat)

Mission: Cook Is., Fiji, Nauru, Niue, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Is., Tonga and Western Samoa.

Suva, Fiji. Commonwealth Secretariat 1976

Preplanning for Disaster

Design for Need Symposium: Royal College of Art, London 1976

DRU News

Disaster Research Unit, University of Bradford c1976

REVIEW Logistic Planning of Disaster Relief (Christian Mosgaard)

Mass Emergencies 1976
REVIEW Natural Hazards: Local, National and Global (White, Gilbert F Ed)

Oxford University Press NY 1974

Review essay International Journal of Mass Emergencies and Disasters 1 pp229-233 1976

A Transatlantic View:

A note on the work of the Disaster Research Unit at the University of Bradford and

comment on the US Natural Hazards Conference at the University of Colorado

Boulder, Colorado 1975

Disaster Research 1

Disaster Research Unit, University of Bradford 1975

PROPOSAL A Proposal for a Disaster Situation Analysis

Disaster Research Unit 1975

REPORT A Study in Predisaster Planning The Report of a Field Study undertaken

throughout the Bahama Islands (with Phil O’Keefe & Ken Westgate)

Report to the League of Red Cross Societies, Geneva

Occasional Paper No 10 Disaster Research Unit, University of Bradford 1975

Predisaster Planning: A Working Paper

Disaster Research Unit 1975

Proposals for a Working Method of Indigenous Resource Coordination

as Part of a Pre-Disaster Plan

Occasional Paper No 3

University of Bradford, Disaster Research Unit 1974
Le formation et une programme du Disaster Research Unit, Université de Bradford

Centre des Etudes Psychosociologiques des sinistres et de leur prevention

Table Ronde sur les Comportements Associes aux Catastrophe

Paris 1974
The Disaster Research Unit

Newsletter No 3:

Disaster Research Unit, University of Bradford 1974

Environmental Hazards in a Global Planning Context

SSRC Working Group on Environmental Hazards

University of Leeds, Department of Psychology 1974

Agenda Item No 7

International Council of Voluntary Agencies Commission on Emergency Aid (with French transcript)

Geneva 1974

Disaster Research Unit, University of Bradford 1974-1977

What has it got to do with architecture ?

WMP News Bristol 1973
Planning for Disaster: Proposals for a Working Method

March (based on Mexico: Strategic Elements 1972) 1973

Mexico: Strategic Elements Drawn map (undated) 1972

The Worldwide Co-ordination of natural disaster relief

Study to show “the nature, location and frequency of natural disasters...1961-1970...

Towards an assessment of the location, extent and function of relief zones as a basis

for the organisation of international relief” 1972
Turn left off the boat

(personal memoir as a project representative / site architect in New York State)

Unpublished typescript 1966
REPORT Housing the Student

(Study travel in Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland)

A Report for Building Design Partnership, London 1962
Letter from Stockholm

Monthly Circular

Building Design Partnership August 1962

University student accommodation in Europe

Monthly Circular

Building Design Partnership (undated) c1962

Creeping commercialism

Letter to Design Magazine

Proof copy from the Council of Industrial Design, London 1960

University of Manchester, School of Architecture 1950-1955
REPORT Italian Embassy in London: Design Thesis

University of Manchester School of Architecture 1955

A building revisited

(A return visit to ‘244’ Oxford Road, Manchester, during its demolition)

Unpublished typescript 1955
Yellow Brick

The Serpent University of Manchester Summer (quoted in the Sunday Times 6 June) 1954

Engineering Society Magazine Michaelmas Term University of Manchester 1954
The Early Industrialisation of the Derwent Valley in Derbyshire 4th year Dissertation

University of Manchester School of Architecture 1954

University of Manchester, School of Architecture 1950-1955


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