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Mean Girls. As Gretchen and Karen are first introduced, Damien states that Gretchen knows “everything about anyone in Northshore. That’s why her hair is so big. Because its full of secrets.” As Cady is first invited to sit with the Plastics at lunch, she mentions how she is an American exchange student from Africa. Karen, issued as a “dumb blonde,” asks her “If you’re from Africa, then why are you white?” These use of stereotypical farces eventually lead to a all character resolution.

A major comedic element in both Being Earnest and Mean Girls is an all-inclusive resolution. This issue of all characters getting an ending often times issue for a happy ending for all. In Importance of Being Earnest, after Jack realizes Miss Prism, Cecily’s tutor and close friend, is his mother, his engagement with Gwendolyn is back on as well as Algernon’s engagement with Cecily. Even Miss Prism, a minor character throughout the play, begins a relationship with Dr. Chausible, a local Reverend. In Mean Girls, a similar resolution happens as well. Cady realizes that being popular isn’t worth giving up your friendships, and becomes in a relationship with Aaron, even though he’s in college. Janice goes out with Mathlete Kevin. Gretchen becomes friends with the wannabe Asians, and Karen begins telling the morning weather, As for Regina, “her therapist thought she should find a sport therapeutic for her,” joining the lacrosse team to get out her frustration. For many plays and movies, these resolution endings seem all worth the while in satirical, farcical plots.

Both Mean Girls and Importance of Being Earnest contain similar elements of comedy in relation to one another. Oscar Wilde’s portrayal of satirical and farcical comedy has inspired for movies, such as Mean Girls. By satire, mistaken identity, or farce, it is these elements that makes comedy great to red, whether past, present, or the future.

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