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Mean Girls. These gags allow for comic relief, and allow for the audience to sidetrack. In Mean Girls, Cady narrates how handsome Aaron Samuels is, relating back to how she’s never had a crush before: “The only crush I’ve ever had was when I was 5 on a villager named Mufame. [screen shows young Cady hugging Mufame, saying I love you. Mufame runs away.]” Being Earnest also touches upon farcical crushes, when Gwendolyn and Cecily realize about their fiancés being Ernest. As Cecily asks if Gwendolyn would like sugar, she mentions how “sugar is so unfashionable these days. “ After, Cecily asks if she would like bread and butter or cake. Gwen wants bread and butter, saying how cake is “rarely seen in the best of households nowadays. (166)” To top it off, Cecily hands Gwendolyn tea with a clump of sugar, and a large sliver of cake. The commonality of girl fights also relate to

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