James Conlon British Lit. 10- ambrose

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Mean Girls. Though she does not fake her name, she alters her personality, so she can ruin the life of Regina George. According to Janice (her scheme for Cady to endure), Cady needs to do away with Regina’s jock boyfriend, Aaron Samuels, cross off her band of followers (Gretchen Weiner and Karen Smith) and destroy her perfect physique. At first Cady does not understand why Janice and Damien, Janice’s best gay [not stated but commonly inferred] friend, as well as fellow hater of the Plastics, put her up to this, seeing that Regina seems very nice and good hearted. As Cady gets deeper into the realm of the Plastics, Cady is shown the true black heart of Regina. This fake identity of George is shown by the secret “Burn Book,” the Plastics very own voodoo doll of the school, writing vulgar things about the girls of Northshore. These elements of mistaken or false identity can also be commonly a skewed for farce comedies.

Farcical comedies, or comedies intended for you to laugh, are one of the most portrayed and popular comedic styles in past and current literature and film. These farcical jokes are very well spotted in Importance of Being Earnest and

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