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Mean Girls. In Being Earnest, this is a main plot point. Though Jack creates Ernest Worthing for his trips in between the city and countryside, he’s alas found out by Algernon, in which Algernon uses Ernest for his advantage. While finding out about Jack’s cousin Cecily, Algernon disguises himself as Ernest to woo her. When Algernon meets Cecily for the first time, it turns out he has been engaged for Cecily for almost three months- much to the use of Cecily’s phony diary. However, the double edge sword of “Ernest” turns to be a downfall when the fiancés meet for lunch discussing their engagements. When both ladies realize their both engaged to Ernest and confront the men, the ladies realize they’ve been taken for fools, as both the men must confess their lies. The falsehood of Ernest Worthing is once again punned, with Jack stating to Lady Bracknell, “I’ve now realized for the first time in my life the Importance of being Earnest!”

The case of mistaken identity is also shown with Cady in

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