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Mean Girls. The movie is intended to make fun of upper class high school, and common ideals of high school society. This is highly reflected on by Regina George, a rich, crude, posh snob that runs “the Plastics,” the “Barbie Dolls” of Northshore High School, as well as the schools “puppet master”. As Janice Ian, an “art freak” that befriends Cad and pushes her to torment the Plastics, states, “If Northshore was US Weekly, they would always be on the cover.” Mean Girls also expresses its exaggeration of clichés, as well does Being Earnest. As Janice says, the table you sit at lunch is your social stand during your school years. Including the J.V. Jocks, Wannabe Asians, “Burn Outs,” Girls who eat their feelings, and “sexually active band geeks,” the lunchroom is the utter center of social rank. Cliches are also a main highlight, shown in Importance of Being Earnest. Though it just depicts upper aristocracy, Wilde says a lot about how the general public should act. While questioning Algernon about the recent engagement of Jack to her daughter Gwendolyn, Lady Bracknell, a wife to a English lord, she asks him roundabout questions that have nothing to do with marriage. One including is if Jack smokes. As he replies Yes, she is delighted, claiming “A man should always have an occupation of som kind. There are far too many idle men in London as it is.” These forms of satirical comedy allow for the set in of mistaken identities.

Mistaken identities are a common occurrence seen throughout both Importance of Being Earnest and

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