Jamaica is an island nation located in the Caribbean. The capital and largest city in Jamaica is Kingston

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Jamaica is an island nation located in the Caribbean. The capital and largest city in Jamaica is Kingston.


Traditional Jamaican clothing is colorful and usually includes handmade dresses from calico cloth. Calico is like a plaid. These dresses include layered skirts, but another important piece is the head scarf. The head scarf is wrapped around the head to keep hair in place. The tam is a type of hat. Rastafarian-styled clothes are red, green, and gold, which are the colors of the Ethiopian flag. One of the most important aspects of Rastafarian clothing is that it is made from natural fibers.


English is the primary language spoken in Jamaica along with Jamaican Patois and Jamaican English. Jamaican Patois came from the people who came to the island. Hundreds of years later, patois uses a creative mixture of humor and cuss-words from the English, French and African languages. Jamaican English is a mixture of British English and American English and some Irish. It uses the same spellings as British English.


There are many celebrations in Jamaica. Junkonoo is a celebration during the Christmas season where people dress up as characters in traditional costumes and parade around in the street. Men dress in "scary" costumes and dance to drums, bells, and whistles. On August 6th, Jamaican’s have a Independence Celebration to celebrate Jamaica's independence from British rule. Carnival in Jamaica is in April. It is a street festival that lasts one week.  Each of these celebrations has parades, street dances and colorful floats. 


Jamaica's music culture is a mixture of rhythm, blues and soul music from the United States, music from Africa, and Caribbean calypso and soca music. Jamaican’s reggae music was made very famous throughout the world by Bob Marley. Bob Marley was a famous Jamaican reggae singer-songwriter, musician, and guitarist with the group the Wailers.

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