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:: Jake Hirsch-Allen

jake.hirsch.allen@utoronto.ca .. 202 344 5008 .. 3539 williamsburg ln .. 20008 .. washington .. dc

~ Education

University College, University of Toronto

Toronto - ON :: September - April 2001 - 2005


:: CGPA of 3.9 .. Double major in International Relations and Archetypal Mythology.
~ Awards

:: University College’s Leonard R.W. Scholarship for Academic Achievement after 1st and 2nd years :: Ian Drummond Memorial Prize for best performance by a student in the International Relations major degree after 2nd and 3rd years

:: Canadian Institute of International Affairs Book Prize 2nd year.
~ Extracurricular Experience

:: President of International Relations Society; on the executive of the Association of Political Science Students (APS), the Trinity College Oversees Development through Education Committee (TODEC), and the Cambodian Genocide Group (CGG); Co-President of the Semiotics Students Association (SSA) and a member of Canada25 .. Two-time captain of the UC Ultimate team

:: Published in Attaché: The International Affairs Journal, The Semiotics Journals of UofT.

Georgetown Day High School

Washington – D.C. :: September - June 1998 - 2001


:: CGPA of 3.87.
~ Awards

:: Fine Art Achievement Award in 2000 and Fine Art Recognition in 2001.

:: Received a scholarship to travel to Paris to study and create art with 20 young international artists.

~ Employment

Special Projects & Acting Desk Officer

Southeast Asia Division, DFAIT :: Ottawa – ON :: May - August 2002, 2003, 2004


:: Organized the preparation of briefing material for the Minister of Foreign Affairs' trips to Brunei, Cambodia and Indonesia for three ASEAN Post-Ministerial Conferences and for various other Members of Parliament’s trips to the region while working in the Southeast Asia Division at the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT).

:: Acting desk officer responsible for Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

:: Assisted in the organization of a conference on Canada and Islam in Asia at McGill Univeresity.

Archival Researcher / Research Assistant & Project Manager

Dr’s Margaret Macmillan, Paul Litt, John English - NARA :: Washington – DC :: Ongoing

Dr. Sylvia Ostry, NGOProject – MCIS :: Toronto - ON :: September 2003 – May 2005


:: Currently at the U.S. National Archives (NARA) researching American views on John Turner and Pierre Elliot Trudeau for their official biographers .. Reviewing primary sources for an upcoming book on Nixon’s China visit.

:: Conducted research on ad hoc topics related to international trade; NGO mobilization, advocacy and networks; and the World Trade Organization at the Munk Centre for International Studies.

:: Managed several students’ research into a) the formation of a core group of NGOs within the anti-corporate globalization network and b) enhancing the participation of non-state actors in the Sub-Saharan African trade policy making process.

Website & Graphic Design Consultant & Educator

CPWS / DFAIT :: Ottawa – ON :: June 2004 – May 2005

University of Toronto :: Toronto – ON :: September 1998 – May 2005


:: Designed the Parliamentary Committee on Peace, Women and Security’s website: www.ccwps-ccfps.org (’05)

:: Designed print materials for DFAIT’s International Women’s Security Division (’04)

:: Acted as director, layout designer and/or graphics editor for the University College Literary Arts and Review (’03 - ’05,) Sign: A Semiotics Journal (’03,) The Association of Political Science Journal (’04,) and Georgetown Day High School’s Art Magazine (’99 - ’01) .. Designed ad campaigns, event posters and logos for clubs and associations (for UofT and Emory U).
Internship Database Director & Speaker

International Relations Department, UofT :: Toronto - ON :: September - April 2002 - 2004


:: Spoke on I.R. internships at the Munk Centre for International Studies’ 2003 student fair, organized presentations with government officials and consulted for the I.R. Department.

:: As President of the International Relations Society, two webmasters and I relocated and revamped the International Relations Internship Database, an inventory of internships for UofT students

Technical Services Representative / Ethernet Administrator / IT Consultant

Canadian Embassy :: Washington - DC :: June - August 2000, 2001, 2005

University College Residences, UofT :: September – April 2001 - 2002, September - October 2002

Dr Hirsz and Buchaman, GPs :: Toronto - ON September – April 2001 – 2002


:: Addressed hardware and software technical support issues for employees of the embassy .. Coordinated the installation of workstations and Blackberries .. Began a redesign of the embassy's intranet website .. Supported the embassy’s extensive hemispheric telecommunications network

:: Maintained the Ethernet network and acted as a technical support assistant for the  800 students living in residence at University College, University of Toronto.

:: Researched, purchased and installed a new hardware and software system for two doctors’ General Practices .. Taught two secretaries how to use the software and gave a brief overview to the doctors .. Acted as a secretary, covering for the fulltime secretaries over the course of an eight-month period.

~ Skills

:: Interacted with dignitaries up to an Ambassadorial level, conducted public outreach as a representative of the government of Canada .. Accrued coordination and communication skills compiling and vetting documents on 23 countries from 15 divisions of DFAIT for the briefing materials for the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Secretary of State, Asia-Pacific.

:: Conducted in-depth research and, with a staff of 5, maintained a database of over 5300 NGOs.

:: Organized lectures at UofT by top Canadian and American professors, journalists and bureaucrats including federal Ministers and former Canadian Ambassadors to various countries and the U.N.

:: Directed magazines with a staff of up to 15, located adequate funding, established working relationships with printers and created publications from concept to printing.

:: Extensive IT experience including both Mac and PC based systems, comprehensive knowledge of the most advanced graphic design and layout programs currently available, a thorough knowledge of the leading Office Suites .. Experience teaching computers to those with minimal to no previous knowledge, including high school teachers, doctors, graphic designers, etc. :: Lead IT workshops for up to 22 students.

jake.hirsch.allen@utoronto.ca .. 202 344 5008 .. 3539 williamsburg ln .. 20008 .. washington .. dc


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