Jada Gibbs 8-17

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Jada Gibbs 8-17

My Story

My story begins on February 21, 1998 at 2:00pm at the Women’s Hospital in Winnipeg, Manitoba. My mother’s name is Jasmin Spencer; all I know is that she’s a nurse. My father, Dwight Gibbs, is a trucker who gets to drive all over North America. All though we don’t talk I guess you can call him a decent father. I am a middle child who has 1 younger sister, Rusheda and 4 brothers, Dwhyte, Nick, Jamal, and Marcus. Now for myself, I am currently 13 years old. My nationality is Jamaican, but I was born in and raised in Canada. My favourite things to do are read, sing, play video games, and listen to music. I guess you could say my life revolves around music. I want to be a great singer just like Alicia Keys. My name is Jada Alicia Gibbs and this is where my story begins.

The memory that had an impact on my life was in grade 6, June 2009 – 2010. It was the second talent show at Sargent Park. I sang “Call You Tonight,” by Whitney Houston. When I stepped on stage I remember being so nervous, but when the music started playing I began to relax and just sing to my heart’s content. I may have choked a few times, but I kept on singing. After getting off stage I felt so confident, almost like I can do anything. After the talent show I felt like I got my 15 minutes of fame. The compliments I got afterwards were so nice, that they made me want to sing more in front of a bigger audience. That is why the talent show had an I’m pact on my life.

In my future, I can see myself on a bigger stage singing in front of an enormous audience. It’s pretty obvious that I want to be a singer because it pays well if you’re successful in the business and also because I want to payback my mom because she was always working hard and raised us all by herself. But the real reason why I want to be a singer is to meet Alicia Keys because without her I probably wouldn’t want to be a singer. I also want to go on a world tour so that I get to travel the world, see new things, and meet more people. I don’t really know how I plan on achieving this goal; maybe I’ll go on Canadian Idol or The Next Star. That’s where I see myself in the future.

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