Jacksonian Era Notes I. Age of Jackson

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Jacksonian Era Notes
I. Age of Jackson
A. The Age of Jackson ushered in a new democratic spirit in American politics.
II. Expansion of Democracy
A. As the United States continued to admit new states, the difference between “aristocrat” and common man was disappearing.
B. Universal manhood suffrage
III. Election of 1828
A. Prior to this election, the majority of Americans had not voted
B. They allowed “aristocrats” to select the President
C. As property qualifications for voting were eliminated, the number of eligible voters increased
D. By 1828, Americans began to see Americans as equals.
E. More people wanted to participate in the electoral process.
F. Delegates from states chose candidates for President at nominating conventions.
G. Andrew Jackson used the “Spoils System” to reward those who had supported him with government jobs.
1. To the victor go the spoils
IV. Bank of the United States
A. The Bank was created to handle the financial needs of the federal government
B. Jackson distrusted the bank
1. He thought it was an undemocratic tool of the Eastern aristocracy
C. Jackson vetoed the rechartering of the bank in 1832
1. This became a central issue in the election of 1832
D. Jackson was re-elected and the bank was done
E. Jackson had all the government’s money deposited into state banks
1. This caused a major economic depression called the Panic of 1837

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