Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

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Contrapunctul baroc la două voci (Cluj, 1973)

Armonia funcţională a barocului în operele lui J.S. Bach (Cluj, 1974)


Jünger, Patricia

(b on an aeroplane between Dublin and Vienna, 6 Aug 1951). Austrian-Swiss composer. She studied composition, the piano, the organ and conducting at the Vienna Music Academy and pursued further studies in Frankfurt and Paris. Many of her compositions are inspired by feminist documents and other works of women's literature. Muttertagsfeier oder Die Zerstückelung des weiblichen Körpers (1984), Die Erziehung eines Vampirs (1986) and the opera Die Klavierspielerin (1988) draw on texts by the Viennese writer Elfriede Jelinek. Sehr geehrter Herr – Ein Requiem, a radio play based on a letter by Emilie Kempin-Spyri, the first Swiss woman to complete the doctorate in law, won the Karl Sczuka prize in 1986. Valse Eternelle – Ein Brief, a radio play on Ria Endres's Milena antwortet, received an award from the Frankfurt Academy of Art in 1989.

Jünger describes later works as ‘acoustic art’ or ‘total art works’ that reproduce segments of natural acoustic sounds through electronic means. In 1996, aided by four divers equipped with microphones, she investigated the sounds of the river Rhine. The composition was later documented in the studio production Transmitter. First to Second Nature – Vom Flussbett zur Flutung.


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