Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

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Obituary, New York Times (2 May 1965)

J.R. Young: Spike Jones and his City Slickers: an Illustrated Biography (Beverly Hills, CA, 1984, rev. and enlarged 2/1994 as Spike Jones off the Record: the Man who Murdered Music)

J. Mirtle, ed.: Thank You Music Lovers: a Biodiscography of Spike Jones and his City Slickers, 1941 to 1965 (Westport, CT, 1986)


Jones, T(revor) A(lan)

(b Sydney, 18 Dec 1932). Australian musicologist. He graduated from the University of Sydney (BA 1954, MA 1959) and studied at the New South Wales Conservatorium (1949–55); he continued studies at Harvard University (1955–6), with Thurston Dart in Cambridge (1956–8) and with Herbert Howells at the Royal College of Music (1957–8). After five years as senior lecturer at the University of Western Australia (1960–65), he became foundation professor in 1965 at Monash University, Melbourne. He served on the UNESCO Advisory Committee for Music, the Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies’ Ethnomusicology Committee (1964–76), and the ABC Music Advisory Committee (1966–9). He retired in 1988. In the early years of his ethnomusicological research he worked with A.P. Elkin on indigenous Northern Australian music and became acquainted with the didjeridu, an instrument which he learnt to play himself and which he has described in minute detail, comparing it with similar non-Aborigine instruments. He has always strongly advocated including ethnic music in general education and developed a research plan for this purpose.

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