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R.E. Jones: The Dramatic Imagination (New York, 1941)

R. Pendleton: The Theatre of Robert Edmond Jones (Middleton, CT, 1958)


Jones, Shirley

(b Charleroi, PA, 31 Mar 1934). American actress and singer. Her career as a singing actress on film and television began with starring roles in two Rodgers and Hammerstein film adaptations: Laurie Williams in Oklahoma! (1955) and Julie Jordan in Carousel (1956). Subsequent films included April Love (1957), Never Steal Anything Small (1959), Elmer Gantry (1960) and Two Rode Together (1961). She won an Academy Award as best supporting actress for her portrayal of a prostitute in Elmer Gantry, but it was the wholesome ‘girl next door’ which was the typical Jones character. In 1962, she played prim and proper librarian, Marian, in The Music Man opposite Robert Preston. From 1970 to 1974, she co-starred in the television series ‘The Partridge Family’ with her stepson, the singer and actor David Cassidy, in which she portrayed the widowed mother of a singing family, thus having the weekly opportunity to showcase her vocal abilities, albeit in a soft rock idiom somewhat distinctive from the Broadway style which established her career. She has continued to perform into the 1990s and is still in great demand.

Jones possesses a well-trained versatile voice that she has been able to adapt to any of the roles and personas she has pursued throughout her career. With a technique verging on the operatic, she has demonstrated an amazing ability to avoid the pitfalls of oversinging, and so is able to effectively portray the type of character adored by Americans.


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