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Jones, George (Glenn)

(b Saratoga, TX, 12 Sept 1931). American country singer and songwriter. Born into a rural working-class family, he began performing in his teens, but it was not until his discharge from the Marines after Korea that he began to think of music as a possible career. He had his first hit in 1956 with Why, baby, why?, and three years later achieved his first country number one with White Lightning, written by J.P. Richardson (the ‘Big Bopper’). In the early 1960s he received several awards, and later in the decade his many successes included Burn the honky tonk down and Good Year for the Roses. From 1969 to 1975 he was briefly and stormily married to Tammy Wynette, working with both her and the producer and songwriter Billy Sherrill. Despite a personal life of excess, living most of country music’s clichés, his career continued to bring him further hits in the 1980s, including the award-winning He stopped loving her today. He also recorded duets with such diverse artists as Linda Ronstadt, Emmylou Harris and James Taylor, and renewed his musical partnership with Tammy Wynette.

Regarded as the greatest of the honky-tonk singers, his work reflects a wide range of country music influences, from the music of his youth in East Texas to the performers Bill Monroe, Roy Acuff and Hank Williams. Jones’s life is embodied in his work: he has stated that ‘you have to live country before you can sing it’. Whether through simple story-telling or through his more emotionally manipulative lyrics, his songs invite the listener into his confidence, while his voice employs a wide range of mannerisms to make drama out of the commonplace.

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