Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

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other works

A Collection of Favourite English, Scotch, Irish & French Songs, 1v, hp/hpd (1778)

A Collection of Easy Lessons, Marches, Minuets, hp/hpd (c1780)

A New Set of Favourite Country Dances, Cotillons & Allemands (c1780)

Je suis sortis de mon pays: a French Ariet, 1v, hp (c1780)

Maudit amour: a Favourite French Song, 1v, hp/hpd (c1780)

Six Favourite New Minuets, 2 vns, hp/hpd (c1780)

A Book of Sonatas, Rondo’s, Military-airs, Madrigals & Preludes, hp/hpd (1781)

A Choice Collection of Italian Songs, 1v, hp/hpd (1781)

Three Sonnets Now Most in Vogue at Paris, 1v, hp/hpd (1788)

A Miscellaneous Collection of French and Italian Ariettas, 1v, hp/hpd (c1790)

Il pleut, il pleut bergère: a Favourite French Pastoral Song, 1v, hp/hpd (c1790)

Musical Trifles: a Collection of Sonatine, Composed by Sigr. Giuseppe Mellico … Adapted and Published by Edward Jones, hp/hpd (c1794)

Nina: a Favourite French Song [N. Dalayrac], 1v, hp/hpd (c1795)

Musical Remains: or The Compositions of Handel, Bach, Abel, Giardini, [c] Selected from Original Manuscripts Never Before Published, hp/hpd, vn/fl (1796)

Musical Miscellany … Consisting of Pastorales, Notturnos, Military Airs, and Sonatas … to Which are Added a Few Airs Selected … from Other Composers, hp/hpd (1797)

A Selection of the Most Admired and Original German Waltzes, hp/pf (1806)

Minstrel Serenades, hp/pf (c1809)

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