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Jones, Charles

(b Tamworth, ON, 21 June 1910; d New York, 6 June 1997). American composer. He studied the violin at the Institute of Musical Art in New York (1928–32) and composition under Bernard Wagenaar at the Juilliard School (diploma 1939). He taught at Mills College (1939–44), the Music Academy of the West, Santa Barbara (1949–54), the Aspen Music School (from 1951), the Juilliard School (1954–60, 1973) and the Mannes College of Music (from 1972), where he became chairman of the composition department in 1973. Jones is a prolific composer. The diatonic and neo-classical tendencies of his early works, dating from the 1930s and 40s, gave way to an increased complexity and chromaticism. All his music is marked by a keen lyrical sense and a prevalence of long melodic lines. Of the more significant compositions, the oratorio Piers the Plowman (1963) was commissioned and first performed by the Interracial Chorus of New York. The Second Symphony was written to fulfil the Copley Award of 1956 and, like several others of his pieces, was introduced at the Aspen Festival. A recording of the Sixth Quartet with the Sonatina for violin and piano was sponsored by the Ford Foundation. (EwenD)


Orch: Suite, str orch, 1937; Suite, small orch, 1937; Sym. no.1, 1939; Portrait of the Park, band, 1957; Suite after a Notebook of 1762, chbr orch, 1957; Sym. no.2, 1957; Sym. no.3, 1962; Conc., 4 vn, orch, 1963; Sym. no.4, 1965; Allegory, divided orch, 1970; other orch works

Chbr and inst: 6 str qts, 1936, 1944, 1951, 1954, 1961, 1970; Serenade, fl, vn, vc, hpd, 1973; Triptychon, vn, va, pf, 1975; Str Qt no.7, 1978; Pf Trio, 1982; Meditation, b cl, pf, 1982; Str Qt no.8, 1984; other chbr works

Kbd: Sonata no.1, pf, 1946; Sonata, 2 pf, 1947; Sonata no.2, pf, 1950; Kbd Book, hpd, 1953; Sonata, pf 4 hands, 1984; other pf works

Vocal: Piers the Plowman (W. Langland), T, chorus, orch, 1963; other vocal and choral works


Principal publisher: Peters


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