Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

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C. Beaumont Wicks: The Parisian Stage (Alabama, 1950–79)


Jonas, Justus [Koch, Jodocus]

(b Nordhausen, 5 June 1493; d Eisleben, 9 Oct 1555). German theologian and hymn writer. In 1506 he matriculated at Erfurt University, took his doctorate examinations on 16 August 1518, and in 1519 was rector and lecturer in ecclesiastical law. In the same year he visited Erasmus in the Netherlands, but soon turned to Luther, accompanying him in 1521 to Worms for the Reichstag. He became professor of canonical law at Wittenberg University and provost of the Schlosskirche in the same year. In 1542 he went as senior minister to Halle but was driven out after the Schmalkaldian War. He worked at Hildesheim, Coburg and Regensburg, took part in the foundation of Jena University in 1553, and finally became senior minister at Eisleben. Nine hymns by him were set to music in the early days of the Reformed Church, including Wo Gott der Herr nicht bei uns ist; the melodies may be by Jonas. He was keenly interested in the new ways in which music was used in Reformed worship, and was responsible for establishing the order used in churches under his jurisdiction.

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