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dances for masques

doubtful unless otherwise stated, probably for masques to which Johnson contributed instrumental music

3 almans [Main Dances] (Jonson: Oberon, 1611), GB-Lbl (a 2)

3 almans [Main Dances] (G. Chapman: Memorable Masque, 1613) (definitely by Johnson, see ‘Lute’)

Baboon’s Dance (Memorable Masque), Lbl (a 2), 161725 (a 5)

Fairies’ Dance (Oberon), Cu (lute), Lbl (2 copies: lute, a 2)

Satyr’s Dance (Oberon), Lbl (a 2), 162119 (a 4)

Torch-Bearers Dance (Memorable Masque), Lbl (? a 2)

doubtful, probably for masques to which Johnson may have contributed instrumental music

Alman [Main Dance 1] (T. Campion: The Lords’ Masque, 1613), Lbl (2 copies: lute, a 2), WFspencer (lyra viol), 161725 (a 5)

Alman [Main Dance 2] (The Lords’ Masque), F-Pc (kbd), GB-En (mandora), Lbl (3 copies: lute, a 2, a 3), US-NYp (kbd), 161725 (a 5)

Alman [Main Dance 3] (The Lords’ Masque), GB-Lbl (a 2)

Dance for 12 Franticks (The Lords’ Masque), Lbl (a 2), WFspencer (lute), 161725 (a 5)

The Follies Dance (Jonson: Love freed from Ignorance and Folly, 1611), Lbl (a 2)

Torch-bearers Dance (The Lords’ Masque), Lbl (a 2)


versions for other instruments given in parentheses

Alman ‘Hit it and take it’, arr. R. Mathews: The Lute’s Apologie (London, 1652); L

Alman ‘Lady Strang’s’; L

Alman ‘The Princes’, GB-Lbl (also kbd), C. Vere Pilkington’s private collection, Portugal (2 copies: lyra viol, kbd), arr. R. Mathews: The Lute’s Apologie (London, 1652), 161725 (a 5, attrib. R. Bateman), 162614 (1v, lute, cittern); L

Alman, Cfm (arr. kbd by Farnaby); L

Alman, Cfm (kbd), Lbl (also kbd), Och (kbd); L

Alman; L

Alman, F-Pc (kbd), 161725 (a 5); L

Alman, GB-Cu, WFspencer

Alman, WFspencer

Alman, WFspencer; N. Vallet: Le secret des Muses (Amsterdam, 1616) (also 4 lutes); J. van Eyck: Der Fluyten Lust-hof (Utrecht, 1646) (rec)

Alman (? Chapman: Memorable Masque, 1613) (also lyra viol), F-Pc (kbd), GB-Cfm (a 6), En (mandora), Lbl (a 2), Och (kbd), WFspencer, London Museum (kbd), C. Vere Pilkington’s private collection, Portugal (2 copies: lyra viol, kbd), US-NYp (kbd), 161725 (a 5) [see also ‘Dances for Masques’]

Alman (?Memorable Masque), GB-Cfm (2 copies: kbd, a 6), Cu, Lbl (a 2), Och (kbd), US-NYp (kbd), 161725 (a 5) [see also ‘Dances for Masques’]

Alman (?Memorable Masque), D-Kl, GB-Cu, En (kbd), Lbl (a 2), 161725 (a 5) [see also ‘Dances for Masques’]

Corant ‘The Prince his’, WFspencer, 161725 (a 5)

Fantasia; L

Galliard ‘My Lady Mildemays Delight’ (Dowland’s Galliard); L

Galliard, WFspencer (attrib. R. Alison); L

Pavan; L

Pavan, Ob (2 viols); L

Pavan; L

other instrumental

Alman, a 3; ‘Johnsons flatt Masque’, a 2; The Temporiser, a 4; The Wittie Wanton, a 4: GB-Lbl, Och

2 almans, galliard, lyra viol, EIRE-Dm, GB-Cu, Ob (incl. copy of 1 alman attrib. T. Gregory), C. Vere Pilkington’s private collection, Portugal (incl. copy of 1 alman arr. kbd)

Alman, pavan, kbd, Cfm, Och

Alman ‘Italian Ground’, kbd, F-Pc (attrib. O. Gibbons), GB-Lbl (attrib. Gibbons), Och, US-NYp (incl. copy attrib. Gibbons) (on popular tune More Palatino, or En revenant de St Nicolas)

Alman, stump, GB-Och ([set] ‘by F.P.’); L


AshbeeR, iii, iv, v, viii, ix



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P. Walls: Music in the English Courtly Masque, 1604–1640 (Oxford, 1996)


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