Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

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sacred vocal

Save me, O Lord, 5vv, 16147, GB-Lbl (arr. 1v, lute/tr viol); ed. in EECM, xi (1970)

Yield unto God, 4vv, viols, 16147, Lbl (arr. 1v, lute/tr viol); ed. in EECM, xi (1970)

Ave rosa sine spinis, 2vv; S

secular vocal

dramatic works in parentheses; for 1 voice unless otherwise stated

Adieu, fond love (F. Beaumont and J. Fletcher: The Lover’s Progress, 1623); S

Arm, arm! (Beaumont and Fletcher: The Mad Lover, c1616); S

As I walked forth, 16528; S

Away delights (Beaumont and Fletcher: The Captain, c1612); S

Care-charming sleep (Beaumont and Fletcher: Valentinian, c1614); S

Charon, oh Charon, 2vv; S

Come away, Hecate (T. Middleton: The Witch, c1616); S

Come away, thou lady gay (Beaumont and Fletcher: The Chances, c1617); S

Come, heavy sleep; S

Come hither you that love (The Captain), 16604; S

Dear, do not your fair beauty wrong; S

For ever let thy heavenly tapers, 16604; S

From the famous Peak of Derby (B. Jonson: The Gypsies Metamorphosed, 1621), 16725; S

Full fathom five (W. Shakespeare: The Tempest, 1611), 16604; S

Get you hence, for I must go (Shakespeare: A Winter’s Tale, c1611); S

Hark, hark! the lark (Shakespeare: Cymbeline, c1609); S

How wretched is the state; S

Oh, let us howl (J. Webster: The Duchess of Malfi, c1613); S

Orpheus I am (The Mad Lover); S

Shall I like a hermit dwell?; S

Tell me, dearest (The Captain); S

’Tis late and cold (The Lover’s Progress); S

Where the bee sucks (The Tempest), GB-Ob (attrib. J. Wilson), 16604; S

With endless tears; S

Woods, rocks and mountains; S


Buzz quoth the blue-fly (Jonson: Oberon, 1611), 16676 (attrib. E. Nelham, probably by Johnson)

God Lyeus ever young, 16604 (attrib. J. Wilson, possibly by Johnson, see Cutts, 1959)

Hark you ladies that despise (Valentinian), Lbl (anon., probably by Johnson), arr. 3vv by J. Wilson: Cheerful Ayres or Ballads (London, 1660)

Have you seen the bright lily grow? (Jonson: The Devil is an Ass, 1616), EIRE-Dtc, GB-Lbl, Och, US-LAuc, NYp (all anon., probably by Johnson); S

In a maiden time profest (The Witch), GB-Ob, US-NYp (attrib. J. Wilson, probably by Johnson, see Cutts, 1959)

Kawasha comes in majesty (anon.: Masque of Flowers, c1614), 16604 (attrib. J. Wilson, possibly by Johnson)

Now the lusty spring is seen, 16604 (attrib. J. Wilson, possibly by Johnson, see Cutts, 1959)

You heralds of my mistress’ heart, GB-Eu, Ob, US-NYp (attrib. ‘R.J.’), 16604 (attrib. J. Wilson)

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