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Jacquot, Jean

(b Le Havre, 27 March 1909; d Paris, 5 July 1983). French musicologist. He studied at the universities of Paris and Lyons, taking the doctorat ès lettres in 1950 with a dissertation on George Chapman (Paris, 1951). In 1943 he joined the CNRS where he was appointed director of research in 1958. In 1967 he founded the CNRS’s Groupe de Recherches Théâtrales et Musicologiques, made up of three theatrical teams and a musicological one. The musicological team has specialized in the study of the relationship of music to the other arts and of its function in drama and in festivals, particularly in the Renaissance and Baroque periods; it is also responsible for editing the collection Corpus des Luthistes Français included in the Choeur des Muses series, directed by Jacquot from 1954. Jacquot took a continued interest in English drama and music of the Elizabethan period, but always tried to place the subject in its European context and to relate the study of the arts to that of society as a whole. He organized many of the CNRS conferences on musical and theatrical topics and edited their proceedings. His non-musical writings include the study Shakespeare en France (Paris, 1964) and a critical edition of Chapman’s Bussy d’Ambois (Paris, 1960).

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