Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

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Musical Interludes in Boston, 1795–1830 (New York, 1943/R)

Symphony Hall, Boston (Boston, 1950/R)

‘The Adams Family and Good Listening’, JAMS, xi (1958), 165–76

Operas on American Subjects (New York, 1964)

Hallelujah, Amen! The Story of the Handel and Haydn Society of Boston (Boston, 1965/R)

‘The John Rowe Parker Letters’, MQ, lxii (1976), 72–86

First Performances in America to 1900: Works with Orchestra (Detroit, 1979)

‘The Folio of White, Smith and Company’, American Music, ii (1984), 88–104

‘Music Publishing in New England’, Richard S. Hill: Tributes, ed. C.J. Bradley and J.B. Coover (Detroit, 1987), 199–210

‘Longfellow and Music’, American Music Research Center Journal, vii (1997), 1–99


Johnson, Hunter

(b Benson, NC, 14 April 1906; d Smithfield, NC, 27 Aug 1998). American composer and teacher. He studied at the University of North Carolina (1924–6) and at the Eastman School (1929). Appointments followed as a teacher of composition at the University of Michigan (1929–33), the University of Manitoba (1944–7), Cornell University (1948–53), the University of Illinois (1959–65) and the University of Texas (1966–71). His honours include a Rome Prize (1933), Guggenheim Fellowships (1941, 1954), an award from the National Institute of Arts and Letters and the Fine Arts Award of North Carolina (1965). As a composer Johnson has used established materials in an individual way, integrating elements of jazz into his style. His musical language is closely related to that of Ives and Copland, but there is an intensity in his best works that creates a very individual style, evident in Letter to the World, a ballet commissioned by Martha Graham, and in the Piano Sonata, which has found a lasting place in the repertory. The Scarlet Letter, written in 1975, was the result of another Graham commission.


Orch: Prelude, 1930; Sym. no.1, 1931; Conc., pf, chbr orch, 1935–6; For an Unknown Soldier, fl, str, 1938; Letter to the World (ballet), 1940, suite, chbr orch, 1952, full orch version, 1959; Deaths and Entrances (ballet), 1943; Music for Str Orch, 1949–54; North State, 1963; Past the Evening Sun, 1964; The Scarlet Letter (ballet), 1975

Chbr and solo inst: Scherzo from the South, pf, 1928; Pf Sonata, 1933–4, rev. 1936 and 1947–8; Elegy for Hart Crane, cl qnt, 1936; Serenade, fl, cl, 1937; In Time of Armament (ballet), 2 pf, 1939; Trio, fl, ob, pf, 1954

Songs: 2 Songs, 1932; 3 Songs (E. Dickinson), 1956–9


Principal publishers: Galaxy, Presser, Valley

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