Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

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Johnson, Blind Willie

(b Marlin, TX, c1902; d Beaumont, TX, c1950). American gospel singer and guitarist. Blinded at the age of seven, he learned to play guitar and accompanied himself when singing at Baptist Association meetings and in country churches around Hearne, Texas. He was married at the age of 25, and thereafter was led by his wife Angeline, who accompanied him on several recordings made on location between 1927 and 1930. Johnson possessed a remarkably deep voice, melodious yet with a pronounced rasp, as exemplified in his extraordinary narrative of Samson and Delilah, If I had my way I’d tear that building down (1927, Col. 14343). His guitar playing was unique, with a pronounced emphasis on rhythm on the majority of his 30 recordings; he also had a sensitive slide technique, as in the ‘spiritual moaning’ on Dark was the night, cold was the ground (1927, Col. 14303) and Bye and bye I’m going to see the King (1929, Col. 14504). Angeline Johnson sang antiphonally to his leads on several recordings, including The rain don’t fall on me (1930, Col. 14537) and Church I’m fully saved today (1930, Col. 14582). Johnson’s recordings were of exceptionally high quality and exercised a strong influence on other black American gospel singers. After the Depression he did not record again but continued to beg as a street singer, dying of pneumonia contracted after a house fire.

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