Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

occasional, state, secular etc

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occasional, state, secular etc.

Cantemus Domino gloriose, 4vv, 1544 (for Giulio Boiardo of Scandiano)

Dum vastos Adriae, 5vv, 155416 (tribute to Josquin)

Enceladi Coeique soror, 5vv, 15498 (tribute to the Gonzagas and their horses)

Formoso vermi, 5vv, 15446 (for Giacomo and Camilla dal Verme of Verona)

Hesperiae ultimae, 5vv, 155416 (tribute to Philip II of Spain)

Jam nova perpetuo, 5vv, 15446 (text paraphrased from Virgil; for Cristoforo Madruzzo, Bishop of Trent)

Jucundum mea vita (Catullus), 5vv, 15413

Nos pueri tibi principi, 4vv, 15414 (for Francesco Gonzaga)

O angele Dei, 4vv, 1539a, J iv (for Ippolito II d’Este)

O Domine Jesu Christe, 4vv, 1539a, J iv (for Ippolito II d’Este)

Ploremus omnes, 5vv, 1539b, J v (lament for Cesare of Aragon)

Quis incredibili non exultet, 4vv, 1539a, J iv (probably for Pope Clement VII)

Si vera incessu, 5vv, 15413

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