Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

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Grove5 (‘Sacrobusco, Johannes’, E. van der Straeten)

L. Thorndike: The Sphere of Sacrobosco and its Commentators (Chicago, 1949)

P. Fischer, ed.: The Theory of Music from the Carolingian Era up to 1400, ii: Italy, RISM, B/III/2 (1968), 87–9


Johannes de Sarto.

See Sarto, Johannes de.

Johannes ‘dictus Primarius’

(fl Paris, 13th century). Musician, probably a theorist but perhaps also a scribe or composer, active in France. Along with Petrus optimus notator and others he was involved in the later transmission of the Magnus liber and related collections of mensural polyphony, between the time of Robertus de Sabilone and that of Franco of Cologne. He is mentioned under this name by the theorist Anonymus 4 (ed. Reckow, 1967, i, 46, 50), who stated that his work was superseded by the new notational features of Franco. Several scholars have suggested identification with Johannes de Garlandia (see O. Koller, VMw, iv, 1888, pp.1–82, esp. 34; Reckow, 1967, i, 97–8).

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