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Johannes de Meruco

(fl late 14th century). Composer, probably French. He was the author of the four-voice ballade De home vray (ed. in CMM 1, iii, 1970 and PMFC, xix, 1982). Like other ballades from the Chantilly Manuscript (F-CH 564), this one makes frequent use of syncopation in cantus and contratenor, as well as a chordal opening to the refrain. Less usual is the imitation between cantus and triplum over four bars of the refrain, producing identical rhythm in three of them.


Johannes de Muris.

See Muris, Johannes de.

Johannes de Olomons, Magister

(fl early 15th century). Italian music theorist. He came from Olmütz, in Moravia, and is also known as ‘scholasticus de Casteliono’. He is known by a single treatise Palma choralis seu de cantu ecclesiastico (ed. A. Seay, Colorado Springs, 1977), dedicated to Cardinal Branda da Castiglione, of whom he also wrote a biography. The treatise was probably written between 1425 and 1443, his years of service as the cardinal's chaplain (the number ‘1405’ on the manuscript is probably a shelf-mark). Although written in an area near Milan, his tract deals with Ambrosian chant only in passing.

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