Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

anonymous works attributed by modern scholars

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anonymous works attributed by modern scholars

Gaude flore virginali, 3vv, no.285

Hec dies quam fecit Dominus, 3vv, no.190

Salve vere gracialis, 3vv, no.188

Magnificat, 3vv, no.322

Magnificat, 3vv, no.323


G. De Van: ‘Inventory of Manuscript Bologna, Liceo musicale Q15 (olim 37)’, MD, ii (1948), 231–47

A. Gallo and G. Mantese: Ricerche sulle origini della cappella musicale del duomo di Vicenza (Venice, 1964), 28ff

J. Quitin: ‘A propos de Jean-François de Gembloux et de Johannes de Limburgia’, RBM, xxi (1967), 118–24

J.H. Etheridge: The Works of Johannes de Lymburgia (diss., Indiana U., 1972)

B.W. Cox: The Motets of MS Bologna, Civico Museo Bibliografico Musicale, Q15 (diss., North Texas State U., 1977)

R. Nosow: The Florid and Equal-Discantus Motet Styles of Fifteenth-Century Italy (diss., U. of North Carolina, 1992)

A. Lewis: ‘Anti-Semitism in an Early Fifteenth-Century Motet: Tu, nephanda’, PMM, iii (1994), 45–56


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