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(iii) Revision.

In the revised version of the treatise attributed by Hieronymus de Moravia to Johannes de Garlandia, which Reimer distinguished by the title De musica mensurabili positio, the first two chapters differ significantly from the beginning of the anonymous De mensurabili musica in its two earlier manuscript sources (I-Rvat lat.5325; B-BRs 528, also from 13th-century Paris). In Johannes de Garlandia's revision, the rhythmic modes are first described as the ‘six ancient modes’ (sex modos antiquos); there is no mention of organum; and some of the technical terms indicate that this version must postdate the treatises of Lambertus and Franco. Additional new material (forming chapters 14–16) at the end of the work discusses three-voice composition (tripla), musical ‘color’ and vocal ornamentation, and four-voice composition (quadrupla), the latter with a passing reference to the works of Magister Perotinus.

Johannes de Garlandia

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