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Johannes de Burgundia

(fl mid- to late 13th century). Theorist. Hieronymus de Moravia ascribed to him the third of four treatises on discant that he compiled to form his chapter on measured polyphony. Hieronymus observed, however, that ‘according to the common opinion’ this treatise is by Franco of Cologne (it is his Ars cantus mensurabilis). The following treatise in Hieronymus's compilation, a compendium ascribed to Petrus de Picardia, claims to be based on both the ars (method) of Franco and the arbor (tree) of Magister Johannes de Burgundia. This arbor does not survive; it may have been a diagram or chart demonstrating the Franconian doctrine. This may be the same person as the ‘Magister de Burgundia’ referred to by the theorist Anonymus 4 (ed. Reckow, 1967, i, 50) as a scribe involved in the later transmission of the Magnus liber and related collections of mensural polyphony, probably active in Paris between the time of Robertus de Sabilone and that of Franco.

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