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Jacques le Polonais. See Reys, Jakub. Jacquet

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Jacques le Polonais.

See Reys, Jakub.


French family of instrument makers and musicians. Marceau Jacquet (d before 1620), and four of his sons (Marcel, Guillaume, Sébastien and Jehan le cadet) were master builders and the family was related to or had close ties with the Lorillart (Lorillac) family of instrument makers, the Duchesne family of painters, the painter Philippe de Champaigne, the lutenist René Mesangeau, and the organists Claude de la Barre and Louis-Claude Daquin. The accompanying illustration summarizes what is known about the genealogical connections among the more important members of the family.

Another son of Marceau, Jehan Jacquet l'aîné (d Paris, before 1644), a ‘maître espinetier’, was highly regarded as an instrument maker. In Harmonie universelle (1636–7) Mersenne referred to him as one of the best harpsichord makers of his time. His son, Claude Jacquet (i) (b Paris, bap. 28 Jan 1605; d Paris, 1661), ‘m[aîtr]e faiseur d’instrumens’ and ‘joueur d'instrumens de musique’ worked in a style so similar to his father's that only a few instruments can be positively identified as being made by him. A 1652 two-manual harpsichord by Claude Jacquet (i) (now in the Ringling Art Museum, Sarasota, Florida) exhibits in several respects (scaling, case construction, placement of 8' bridge) characteristics intermediate between contemporary Flemish and Italian models and significantly different from mid-18th-century French instruments. As late as 1784, in the edition of Affiches, annonces et avis divers for 9 July, a ‘clavecin fait en 1646 par Jacquet’ was offered for sale.

Claude Jacquet (ii) (b Paris; d Paris, 6 Nov 1702) was the son of Jehan Jacquet le cadet (b Paris, c1575; d Paris, c1656–8) and was maître de clavecin and organist of the church of St Louis-en-l'Ile, Paris. Pierre Jacquet (b Paris, c1666; d Paris, 28 June 1739), a son of Claude Jacquet (ii), was active in Paris in 1695 as an organist and maître de clavecin. In 1702 he was organist of St Nicolas-du-Chardonnet, Paris, and from 1704 also of his father's church, St Louis-en-l'Ile. An offertory for organ by him, O filii (in F-V 160) is an attractive piece in variation form. The other son of Claude Jacquet (ii), Nicolas Jacquet (b Paris, c1662; d Bordeaux, 20 Oct 1707), was organist of St Pierre, Bordeaux. Anne Jacquet, elder daughter of Claude Jacquet (ii), was a harpsichordist or viol player in the musical household of Marie de Lorraine, Duchess of Guise, during the 1680s. Her sister, Elisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre, is the most distinguished member of the Jacquet family, highly regarded as a harpsichord player and organist, and especially as a composer.

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