Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

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Jobin, Bernhard [Bernard, Bernhart]

(b Porrentruy; d Strasbourg, c1594). German printer. He became a citizen of Strasbourg on 27 April 1560. He learnt the printing trade while working as an engraver in a local shop; a special dispensation from the city magistrate allowed him to pay an extra fee for professional status in both capacities. On 10 June 1567, he married Anna Fischart, sister of the prolific writer Johann Fischart. Jobin’s first publications in 1570 included poems by Fischart; he became the exclusive publisher for his brother-in-law’s works. Because of their attacks on the church and other institutions, some of these appeared under pseudonyms and with fictitious places of publication. Jobin also published scientific works. His sons, particularly Tobias, continued to publish for a few years after their father’s death. In 1605 Tobias also died and the enterprise was sold.

Editions of musical works occupy an important place in Jobin’s total output. Among the numerous books of hymns and psalms are several collections of Martin Luther’s works, and Marot and Bèze’s psalms with melodies by Goudimel. The instrumental tablatures, which he published during the 1570s and 80s, are of particular interest: these are for lute, cittern and keyboard. The two books for lute in German tablature by Jobin himself are notable for their clarity of presentation and the variety of their contents. The first book, dated 1572, includes a long prefatory poem by Fischart in praise of the lute. It contains four fantasias, a fine choice of vocal intabulations of works by Arcadelt, Crecquillon, Ferrabosco, Lassus, Scandello, Verdelot, Willaert and Zirler, and three passamezzos with saltarellos. The second book has five more passamezzos and saltarellos, seven galliards, six branles and 15 pairs of Dantz and Nachdäntze. These publications are intended more for the student than the accomplished performer. However, later editors such as Kargel and Waissel were influenced by his great variety in embellishment technique and the formal sophistication of his works.

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