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Jacques de Cysoing

(b Cysoing; fl mid- to late 13th century). Franco-Flemish trouvère. He was probably a member of the noble Flemish family Cysoing; several manuscripts refer to him as ‘messire’. He addressed one of his songs, Li nouviaus tans, to a Count of Flanders, probably Gui of Dampierre (ruled 1251–1305), and mentioned also the Battle of Mansourah (1250). An envoi by Thomas Herier (fl 3rd quarter of the 13th century) refers to ‘Jakemon’ at ‘Cyson’ (R.2034), suggesting that Jacques was active up to that time. Jacques composed at least nine chansons, all of which survive with music. All his melodies have the conventional ABABx form, and most survive in only one or two chansonniers. The melody of one, however (Nouvele amour), is extant in eight versions, two of which are on a contrafactum text (R.512). This song is unusual also because the music of the first two verses returns at the end, although its text is not in rondeau form; this rounded musical structure may help explain its popularity. Another of his works, Quant la saisons, is a chanson avec des refrains, having a different refrain (appearing in only one manuscript, F-Pn fr.12615) at the end of each of its eight stanzas. Some of these refrains are extant in other songs.


Edition: Trouvère Lyrics with Melodies: Complete Comparative Edition, ed. H. Tischler, CMM, cvii (1997) [T]

all ed. in Zitzmann; MS sources: F-Pa 5198, F-Pn fr.844, 845, 846, 847, 1591, 12615, 24406, I-Rvat Reg.lat.1490 (for details see Linker)

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