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João de Badajós

(fl 1547–58). Portuguese musician, possibly of Spanish birth. He was formerly identified with ‘Badajoz, el músico’; see Badajoz garci sánchez de.

Joaquim, Manuel

(b Tinhela de Monforte, 21 Oct 1894; d Coimbra, 28 Mar 1986). Portuguese musicologist. He trained as a military musician, and became a bandmaster in 1929. Throughout his life he studied music history and carried out some notable research, mostly on Portuguese music. He compiled valuable descriptive catalogues of important Portuguese music manuscripts (in the Ducal Palace of Vila Viçosa and elsewhere) and editions of Portuguese music (e.g. Duarte Lobo, Lopes Morago and Manuel Mendes). Of his other published studies, that on Bach's Brandenburg Concertos (1954) is the most impressive; all are marked by accuracy of scholarship and style, and are vital to a knowledge of Portuguese music history.

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