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Jewson, Frederick Bowen

(b Edinburgh, 26 July 1823; d London, 28 May 1891). Scottish pianist and composer. He had his first lessons from his father, Samuel, and made his first concert appearance in the Edinburgh Assembly Rooms at the age of six. In 1834 he entered the RAM in London to study the piano under Cipriani Potter, and harmony and composition under John Goss; he became King’s Scholar in 1837. In 1838 he played at the RAM a piano concerto of his own. He was soon appointed teacher of piano in the RAM, and later a director. During the 1850s he was also professor of music at St Mary’s Hall, Brighton. In his earlier life Jewson was considered one of London’s finest pianists, and was famous as a teacher (Mackenzie was one of his pupils). Although his compositions are little heard today, they are of fine calibre and craftmanship; the Etudes de concert (opp.16 and 23), for example, are comparable to those of his friend Moscheles. Most of his works, which included six overtures, two piano concertos, a Grand Sonata in E for piano, smaller piano pieces and some songs, were performed during his lifetime, and some piano music and songs were published in London. His sons, Frederick, an organist, and William, a violinist, successfully carried on the family tradition in London.

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