Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

L. Levi: ‘Italy: Musical Tradition’, ibid. A. Shiloah

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L. Levi: ‘Italy: Musical Tradition’, ibid.

A. Shiloah: ‘Africa, North: Musical Traditions’, ibid.

A. Shiloah: ‘Aleppo: Musical Tradition’, ibid.

I. Adler: Musical Life and Traditions of the Portuguese Jewish Community of Amsterdam in the XVIIIth Century (Jerusalem, 1974)

I. Adler, ed.: Hebrew Writings Concerning Music in Manuscripts and Printed Books from Geonic Times up to 1800, RISM, B/IX/2 (1975)

J. Eisenstein: ‘Medieval Elements in the Liturgical Music of the Jews of Southern France and Northern Spain’, Musica judaica, i (1975–6), 33–51

H. Avenary: ‘Ha-lehanim be-qoves shirim mi-yavan mi-yesodo shel Shelomo Mevorakh, Ms. Jerusalem 80 421’ [The melodies in a song collection from Greece by Shelomo Mevorakh], Sefunot, xiii (1978), 197–213

M.R. Kanter: Traditional Melodies of the Rhymed Metrical Hymns in the Sephardic High Holiday Liturgy: Comparative Study (diss., Northwestern U., IL, 1978)

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