Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

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M. Slobin, ed. and trans: Old Jewish Folk Music: the Collections and Writings of Moshe Beregowsky (Philadelphia, 1982)

I. Heskes: The Resource Book of Jewish Music: a Bibliographical and Topical Guide to the Book and Journal Literature and Program Materials (Westport, CT, 1985)

M. Nulman: Concepts of Jewish Music and Prayer (New York, 1985)

E. Seroussi: ‘Maimonides: su acitud hacia la música: aspectos halájicos y éticos’, Sefardica, ii/4 (1985), 25–31

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D. Harrán: In Search of Harmony: Hebrew and Humanist Elements in Sixteenth-Century Musical Thought (Rome, 1988)

I. Adler, ed.: Hebrew Notated Manuscript Sources up to circa 1840: a Descriptive Catalogue with a Checklist of Printed Sources, RISM, B/IX/1 (1989)

S. Hofman: Music in the Talmud (Tel-Aviv, 1989)

P. Bohlman: The World Center for Jewish Music in Palestine 1936–1940: Jewish Musical Life on the Eve of World War II (Oxford, 1992)

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