Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

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(Fr.: ‘thrown’).

In string playing, a bowstroke that bounces or ricochets off the string. P. Baillot (L’art du violon, Paris, 1834) gave détaché jetté as a synonym for staccato à ricochet. The number of rebounds specified by composers generally varies between two and six.

In French Baroque viol playing the jetté (discussed by Loulié in his Méthode pour apprendre à jouer la viole, MS, F-Pn f.fr.n.a.6355) is essentially a basic bowstroke without the initial attack; as such it consists of the ‘release’ component of the ‘pressure–release’ gesture fundamental to the basic viol bowstroke. The jetté is not normally an isolated bowstroke, but rather appears as part of a multiple-bow gesture or in conjunction with a preceding bowstroke. For further information see J. Hsu: A Handbook of French Baroque Viol Technique (New York, 1981).

See also Bow, §II, 3(ix).


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