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D.F. Black: The Life and Work of Eva Jessye and her Contributions to American Music (diss., U. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1986)

B. Lanke: I Dream a World: Portraits of Black Women who Changed America (New York, 1989)


Jester's flute

(Ger. Narrenflöte).

A trick instrument in the shape of a recorder, where the bottom bulge of the head joint is hollow, filled with flour or soot, which soils the unsuspecting player blowing into the instrument. Due to a case of mistaken identity the name was also applied to the Eunuch-flute.

Jesuits [Society of Jesus].

A Roman Catholic religious order of priests and brothers that grew out of an association of men who formed themselves around Ignatius Loyola (1491–1556), a minor Basque nobleman. Dedicated to ‘the progress of souls in Christian life and doctrine and to the propagation of the faith’, the order was inaugurated by Pope Paul III in a bull of 1540. Jesuit history falls into two periods: 1540 to 1773 and 1814 to the present (the intervening years represent the period of suppression). This article focusses on the first period, the more significant as regards the musical involvement of the order.

1. Early history.

2. Missions.

3. Musical legacy.



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