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Jacobus de Regio

(fl mid-15th century). Theorist. A Carmelite, he is known only by a brief treatise on proportions, copied into the Faenza Codex (I-FZc 117) by Johannes Bonadies at the Carmelite convent in Reggio nell' Emilia on 14 September 1474. His treatise is one of the earliest to apply the theory of proportions to mensural music, which he illustrated with two-part examples.


Jacobus de Tuderto.

See Jacopone da Todi.

Jacobus of Liège [Iacobus Leodiensis, ?Iacobus de Montibus, ?Iacobus de Oudenaerde, Jacques de Liège]

(b Liège, c1260; d Liège, after 1330). Franco-Flemish theorist. His principal work, the Speculum musice, is the largest surviving medieval treatise on music, containing 521 chapters arranged in seven books. The first five books deal with speculative music, the sixth with ecclesiastical chant and the seventh with discant in refutation of Ars Nova teaching on rhythm and notation. The Speculum is thus an encyclopedic work in the tradition of Hieronymus de Moravia and Walter Odington. It is without parallel, however, in its scope and cogency as a statement of the theory and practice of the Ars Antiqua.

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