Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

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Jerusalem, Siegfried

(b Oberhausen, 17 April 1940). German tenor. After 17 years as an orchestral bassoonist he studied singing at Stuttgart, making his début there in 1975 as First Prisoner in Fidelio. He sang his first major Wagner role, Lohengrin, in several leading German houses, including Berlin, where he became a member of the Deutsche Oper in 1978. At Bayreuth he has sung Froh, the Young Sailor (Tristan; 1977), Parisfal, Walther and Lohengrin (1979–81), Siegmund (1983–6), Siegfried (1988–92), Tristan (1993–5) and Loge (1994–5). Having made his Metropolitan début in 1980 as Lohengrin, he returned as Loge (1987), Siegfried (1990–91) and Parsifal (1992). He first sang at Covent Garden, as Erik, in 1986. Although his repertory includes Tamino, Florestan (both of which he has recorded), Idomeneus, Gluck's Orestes (a high baritone part), Max (Freischütz), Don Alvaro (Forza del destino), Lensky, Boris (Kát'a Kabanová) and Assad (Königin von Saba), his powerful, expressive voice and dramatic involvement are shown to best advantage in his Wagner roles, above all Siegfried, which he has sung with notable success in Berlin, Vienna and at Covent Garden (1995–6), and has recorded with both Haitink and Barenboim. Jersualem is also an admired concert singer, and has made impressive recordings of such works as Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, Das Lied von der Erde and Gurrelieder.

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