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(iv) Resources.

The World Centre for Jewish Music was founded in 1938, with the support of such composers as Bloch, Milhaud and Weill, to promote Jewish music internationally; however, because of the political situation before World War II, it lasted less than two years, having published only one number of its periodical Musica hebraica. Its archives are in the Jewish National and University Library's music department. The Israel Institute for Sacred Music, founded in 1955 by Avigdor Herzog, arranges lectures, conferences and concerts, publishes scores, books and periodicals and makes field recordings, all of Jewish religious music. The Israel Composers' Fund was established in 1958 by Recha Freier to commission works from Israeli composers. It functioned until 1975. The Jerusalem Music Centre Mishkenot Sha'ananim was founded in 1976 by Isaac Stern to conduct masterclasses and workshops. The centre is equipped with an audio and video recording studio and also holds chamber concerts and recitals.

One of the largest collections of Jewish music is held in the Jewish National and University Library, which developed from a collection started in 1884 and has a music department containing the archives of Joseph Achron, Friedrich Gernsheim, Idelsohn and Lachmann. Since 1964 it has also contained the National Sound Archives, which hold disc recordings of Idelsohn, disc and cylinder recordings of Lachmann; the Archives for Jewish and Oriental Music, founded by Edith Gerson-Kiwi in 1947 as a department of the Palestine Institute of Folklore and Ethnology; and a large collection of original tape recordings of Jewish and oriental traditional music. Other specialized collections are the AMLI music library (1958) at the Rubin Academy of Music; the Israel Broadcasting Authority record library; and the Jaromir Weinberger Archive, in the possession of Weinberger's nephew Yehuda Polacek.


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