Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

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O.L. Cosma: Opera românească (Bucharest, 1962)

W.G. Berger: Ghid pentru muzica instrumentală de cameră [Guide to instrumental chamber music] (Bucharest, 1965)

D. Bughici: Formele muzicale (Bucharest, 1969)

V. Cosma: Muzicieni români (Bucharest, 1970)



Czech family of musicians.

(1) Bohuslav Jeremiáš

(2) Jaroslav Jeremiáš

(3) Otakar Jeremiáš



(1) Bohuslav Jeremiáš

(b Řestoky, district of Chrudim, 1 May 1859; d České Budějovice, 18 Jan 1918). Composer, conductor and educationist. His first music teacher was his father, Josef Alois Jeremiáš (b Žumberk, district of Chrudim, 19 Feb 1808; d Chrast, district of Chrudim, 30 Oct 1883), a village schoolmaster. During the period 1882–5 Bohuslav was a pupil of F.Z. Skuherský at the Prague Organ School, and while a student in the capital he became acquainted with the works of Smetana and Dvořák, which he later performed at Písek (1887–1906) with amateur and school choirs and orchestras, along with compositions by other Czech composers (Křížkovský, Skuherský, Josef Foerster) and the Viennese Classicists (Haydn’s Creation, symphonies by Mozart and Beethoven). He founded a music school at Písek; later he was active at České Budějovice (1906–19), where he founded a more important music school, the South Bohemian Conservatory. His extensive output, including the Kantáta Komenskému (‘Cantata to Comenius’), patriotic choruses and songs, served the needs of a period of national revival, but his singing manuals have had a more lasting significance.


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