Jablonski, Marek (Michael)

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S. Jacobsson: ‘Jeppsson, Kerstin’, Swedish Composers of the Twentieth Century, ed. J.O. Rudén (Stockholm, 1988)

J.O. Rudén: Swedish Women Composers (Stockholm, 1996)


Jerea, Hilda

(b Iaşi, 17 March 1919; d Bucharest, 14 May 1980). Romanian composer and pianist. She studied composition with Mihail Jora and the piano with Florica Musicescu at the Bucharest Conservatory (1929–35), continuing her studies with Noël Gallon in Paris and with Pál Kadosa and Leó Weiner in Budapest. In 1936 Jerea launched her career as a concert pianist. In Bucharest she worked as a teacher at the School of Arts (1942–4) and at the Academy (1948–9), then as secretary of the Union of Romanian Composers (1949–52) during an ideologically restrictive period. In the last two decades of her life Jerea founded and conducted the ensemble Musica Nova in Bucharest, which promoted the avant garde and supported young composers. While a folk influence informs her post-Romantic works of the 1940s, her compositions from the 1950s bear the simplistic imprint of socialist realism. In the 1960s she began to liberate herself from such stylistic limitations, adopting serial techniques in some works. Her music is characterized by its melodiousness, fluidity and spontaneity.


(selective list)

Inst: Sonata, pf, 1934; Suita în stil românesc, pf, 1939; Dansuri româneşti, vn, pf, 1946; Pf Conc., 1946; Haiducii [The Bandits] (ballet, 3, G. Matei and Jerea), 1956; Mici piese [Short Pieces], pf 4 hands, 1963; Casa Bernardei Alba [The House of Bernarda Alba] (ballet, after F. García Lorca), 1966, Bucharest, 10 June 1966; chbr pieces

Vocal: Sub soarele păcii [Under the Sun of Peace] (orat, D. Deşliu), solo vv, chorus, orch, 1951; choral works, lieder

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