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Pioneer and General History of Geauga County [Historical Society of Geauga County] (n.p. [Chardon, OH], 1880), 806–8, 815

D.W. Steel: Stephen Jenks (1772–1856): American Composer and Tunebook Compiler (diss., U. of Michigan, 1982)

D.W. Steel, ed.: Stephen Jenks: Collected Works (Madison, WI, 1995)


Jennefelt, Thomas (Lars Ragnar)

(b Huddinge, 24 April 1954). Swedish composer. He studied composition with Bucht and Mellnäs at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm (1974–80) and sang in Eric Ericson’s chamber choir. In 1994 he became chairman of FST, the Society of Swedish Composers.

Vocal works dominate Jennefelt’s output. His breakthrough work Warning to the Rich (1977), with its solid choral writing, became known internationally. In subsequent works he sought to counteract the expressivity of traditional settings, often treating texts syllabically and giving familiar poems new perspectives: his Dichterliebe finds horror and abomination in Heine’s words where Schumann found idyll. His orchestral work Musik vid ett berg (‘Music before a Mountain’) was originally conceived as a melodrama, but the highly charged text was ultimately abandoned in favour of a purely instrumental treatment. The work is nonetheless intended to be performed with ‘dramatic tension as though it were a spoken drama’, and the shadow of a text and a vocal line is almost discernible in the writing for the orchestra.


Stage: Maria Stuart (incid music, F. Schiller), vv, insts; Tanter [Aunties] (chbr op, Jennefelt, T. Waltersson), 1982; Albert och Julia (radio op, A. Levelius, Jennefelt), 1987; Gycklarnas Hamlet [The Jokers’ Hamlet] (op, 2, B. Nordfors, after P.C. Jersild), 1987–9; Farkosten [The Vessel] (chbr op, Jennefelt), 1993–4

Choral: Warning to the Rich (Bible), Bar, SATB, 1977; För friheten och livet [For Freedom and Life] (S. Jamis, P. Neruda), SATB, wind qnt, perc, 1979; Utan drömmer står vi stilla [Without dreams we are standing still] (Jennefelt), male choir, 2 perc, 1980; Anyone can let you down – no one will let you down (Jennefelt), female choir, 1981; Kyrie, SATB, brass ens, 1982; Ty han låter sin sol gå upp (Matthew v.45), SATB, 1983; 5 Motets, SATB (nos.1, 3 and 5 with org), 1984; O Domine, requiem mass, Mez, SATB, 1983, rev. 1986; Dichterliebe I–X (H. Heine), solo vv, SATB, 1990; Villarosa sarialdi (syllabic text), SATB, 1993; Aleidi floriasti (syllabic), SATB, 1993; Saoveri indamflavi (syllabic), male choir, 1993; I väntan [Awaiting] (Jennefelt), female choir, 1995; Claviante brilioso (syllabic), SATB, 1996; Den gömda källan [The Hidden Source] (Y. Eggehorn, Swed. hymn), SATB, str orch, pf, perc, 1997; Salut de la vieille des O (trad.), SATB, 1997

Solo vocal: Renaissance (Jennefelt), S, Bar, rec, ob, hpd, 1979; Källan i Vaucluse [The Well in Vaucluse] (Petrarch), 6 songs, Bar, str qt, 1982; Albumblatt (Jennefelt), Bar, fl, cl, 1984; Grönskans resa [The Journey of Verdure] (various authors), Bar, pf trio, 1984; Far vidare färdmän [Go on, Travellers] (T.S. Eliot, Jennefelt), Mez, Bar, vc, pf, 1984–5; Längs radien [Along the Radius] (T. Tranströmer), S, Mez, T, Bar, orch, 1986; Återkomsten [The Return] (Jennefelt), 1v, pf, 1995; Gömmarna [The Hiders] (Jennefelt), Bar, orch, 1997; Meteorologen (mini op, Jennefelt), T, perc, 1997

Inst: Descending Music, 4 vn, 1977; Coda, org, 1978; Amicamea (De helle Tage), org, 1980; Stones, ob, cl, a sax, tpt, gui, 2 perc, 1981; Untitled, 10 elec gui, elec b, drums, 1983; Desiderio, orch, 1983; Musik till en katedralbyggare [Music to a Cathedral Builder], fl, cl, vn, vc, pf, 1983–4; Yellow I–II, ob, 1984; Rondo, fl, cl, vn, vc, 1984; Svarta spår [Black Marks], 2 vn, 2 va, vc, db, 1990; Musik vid ett berg [Music before a Mountain], orch, 1991–2

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